Best Wallet gifts for him

Best Wallet gifts for him

If you are thinking of gifting a wallet to someone special, then hold on, you are in the right place. First of all let’s discuss if a wallet is a good gift for your special ones, let me tell you three things that make a wallet a good gift.

  1. A wallet is one of the most powerful symbols of success and wealth, all this is because it carries money. So when you gift a wallet to your friend, dad, boyfriend, girlfriend or any other special person in your life, it means you are wishing them with the blessings of wealth and success.
  2. A wallet is not just an accessory, it represents the taste and style of one’s person. Be it at the dinner party to settle a bill, at the grocery store to pay your bills or at the business event to get your business cards, a wallet will say who the person is.
  3. While on the go a wallet is a vessel that carries all your important handy things like cash, credit cards, ID’s, makeup kits, keys etc.

So is a wallet a good gift for your special ones?

Yes, it is of course.

Now the question arises, how much money should you spend on gifting a wallet? It totally depends upon the relationship between you and the person who you want to buy a gift for.

Wallet gifts for men

Occasion – Father’s Birthday gift, Father’s day gift, Uncle’s Birthday Gift, Valentine’s day gift, Boyfriend birthday gift, Husband birthday gift, Marriage Anniversary, Friend’s Birthday gift, Brother’s Birthday gift or any other occasion

Here is a summary of different types of wallets for men:

Bifold wallet or Classic wallet

Bifold wallets come with simple and minimalistic design. It is also among the most popular types of wallets for men. Bifold wallets are extremely versatile and comfortable and won’t let you feel a lump while sitting with all your cash, cards and ID’s. The biggest point of selling these wallets is its simple design, so anyone who loves simplicity will like this gift as well.

Trifold wallet

If you are likely to carry more things than an average person then you should go with the Trifold wallets as these wallets can accommodate a lot in a small place. Also to keep in mind that if you overfill these wallets you might feel a bulge while sitting so remember to clean the wallet regularly.

If the person you are gifting a wallet is occupied with more work then obviously he will love the Trifold wallet.

Slim Wallet

These wallets feature an extremely compact design and will be favored by men with low profile design. Also known as Hybrid slim wallets are best to gift to your father or people who have less hassle of carrying cash.

RFID Wallet

With the increasing number of banking frauds these days, manufacturers have started building RFID wallets. These wallets protect your debit cards and credit cards from unauthorised scanning or swiping. The special lining in these wallets protects the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) magnetic chips of your cards.

RFID Wallets are worth gifting to someone who travels a lot and usually lives in large metropolis.

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