Is a Bedsheet a good gift for special ones?

Is a Bedsheet a good gift for special ones?

Bed Sheets might not be the first thing in your mind while you are thinking of giving a gift to someone. But for many people it would make an amazing present. While giving a gift, you always think to gift something that is useful to the recipient and something that they might not think to get for themselves.

Most people already have a collection of Bed sheets, but bed sheets are not a product that people think about replacing every season or every new year. That’s why giving a Bed Sheet as a gift can be a good idea. Here are a couple of potential ideas when you can give bed sheets as a gift.

Do your relatives or a friend just moved into a new place? You can give them Bed sheets that will refresh their bedroom. Having a family member who’s just finished up a semester at college and worried about the cold nights? Give them a sheet as a gift that can help to keep warm on those chilled nights.

Is any festive season upcoming? Diwali? New Year? Eid? People love to decorate their house during the festive season and Bed sheet is one of the parts of home furnishing. Gifting Bedsheets on a festive season is a perfect idea. Visiting your parents this weekend? Buy a bedsheet for their room, they will love it.

It’s Endless. Bedsheet might seem like not a gift-giving product but it’s actually one of the daily use products in each and every family, So why not give it as a gift.

Cotton vs Polyster ? Which Fabric Should you choose for Bedsheet?

Polyester being a man made fabric is long-lasting and water resistant making it a poor fit for bedding, while a better fit for swimsuits.

Cotton on the other hand is breathable, water absorbent, soft and also durable.

Breathable fabric should always be number one choice in terms of bedding. You don’t want heat to be trapped while you’re asleep. Water absorbent fabric is also as important, especially for the summer time. Polyester can cause disrupted sleep patterns and skin irritations.

It also depends on your functional requirements. Are you able to carefully wash?, then natural fibers like silk, cotton, jersey cotton are fine to go with, you can also consider bright colors. On the other hand polycotton blend and neutral colors should drive your decision.

Choosing a Bedsheet Fabric also depends on your preferences. Do you want a country look? Maybe pre-wash linen, cotton muslim or cotton percal will play good. Or you want to set a sophisticated urban look?

Budget might also influence one’s choice in buying a bedsheet. From Very low cost fabrics like polycotton to expensive high thread count cotton satin fabrics, organic cotton, silk and even modal.

What does “thread count” mean for bedsheets?

In Simple words, thread count refers to the threads per square inch, the more thread, the denser the fabric. Its just a measure of how many threads are in one square inch. The higher the thread count the better the sheet is in softness and durability. Thread counts are generally between 200 to 800.

Bedsheets with 300 thread count or above are better. They last longer and don’t loose colour and size as compared to its inferior ones. They’re also mose cost and comfy. The best bedsheets are considered to be made of Egyptian cotton, howover, it also depends on a person’s choice. Regular pure cotton sheets are a great choice too.

What size Bedsheet should I buy? What is King, Queen size Bedsheet?

Bedsheets and bed covers come in standard sizes so that it adheres to the different mattress sizes available in the market today. The commonly available sizes include:

Single Size: 91 x 182 cm
Double Size: 122 x 183 cm
Queen Size: 123 x 152 cm
King Size: 183 x 183 cm

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