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Abs Stimulator Fitness Gym Abs Stickers Pad for Men & Women

  • Package Conatins: 1 Piece of Abs Stimulators
  • Material: Silica Gel, PU Leather, ABS
  • Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery
  • Output: maximum 9.8mA
  • Using mode: 6Mode
  • Manual programs: Scraping, Massage, Acupuncture, tapping, Hammering, Combination.
  • Adjustable intensity: 15 levels
  • Frequency: 1~100Hz


Abs Stimulator : HOW IT WORKS – In order to help you get in the best shape of your life, our team has designed the ultimate training device: a muscle toner and stimulator that allows you to lose fat and workout your muscles from the comfort of your home. The vibration and micro-current technology, as well as the intelligent adjustment are just the right ingredients in order to get the best product for easy and performant trainings.

Ab Stimulator: NO MORE LONG HOURS AT THE GYM – Being a busy and modern person with a constantly crowded schedule, you probably think that achieving that sculpted body is impossible since you don’t have the time to go to the gym. The solution is simple: 15 minutes of the device twice a day and you are going to see the results on your abs in no more than 3 months.

Muscle Toner: SCULPT YOUR BODY – Losing weight is no fun at all with complicated diets and maybe even starving yourself, but the worst part is that, even though you may be able to drop a few pounds, you will not gain any muscle. The stimulating belt allows you to train your abdominal muscles and sculpt your body just the way you want it.


Ab Belt: EASY TO USE – All you have to do in order to get the perfect abs is to place the belt on your abs, choose one of the 6 different training modes and enjoy. There is no professionally assistance required or extra steps that you have to take. And, in order to make sure you will never skip the workout, we have made the belt light weighted and easy to carry around with you.

Flex Belt: SAFETY IN EVERYTHING – With the stimulating belt, you never have to worry about safety since not only do you not need a professional trainer to use it, but it is harmless for everybody. The 2021 new technology provides with vibrations that work your muscles and help you get in the shape you want in no time.

99 reviews for Abs Stimulator Fitness Gym Abs Stickers Pad for Men and Women (KDB-1303950)

    Kajal dey
    November 19, 2022
    November 11, 2022
    Kushagra Tiwari
    November 8, 2022
    November 3, 2022
    Quick delivery and superb performance
    November 3, 2022
    Good buy
    Santosh Kumar
    November 1, 2022
    October 27, 2022
    Not as expected!
    Mohd Shahdab
    October 22, 2022
    Nice product. Using from 2 months
    Ashish Swami
    October 21, 2022
    October 20, 2022
    Jaspreet Kaur
    October 16, 2022
    Worth the price.
    R K
    October 13, 2022
    Jashvantbhai Vagela
    October 6, 2022
    October 6, 2022
    Good product
    October 5, 2022
    Its good but dont have any instructions for what the pins and other weird items in the box is for. Spray bottle is self explantatory.
    Akshat Ambani
    October 1, 2022
    angela raj
    September 29, 2022
    Swapnil Meshram
    September 26, 2022
    Excellent product and ver good vfm product. It's been good experience with this product
    September 23, 2022
    Imran Patel
    September 12, 2022
    I just received it yesterday quicker than what I expected. I believe it will work well and it has all the pieces. I am excited to get started. Thank you for the quick service and for reaching out. Be blessed.
    Balram Sharma
    September 6, 2022
    Karmender Kumar
    September 1, 2022
    Worth the money
    Sanjay Kumar
    September 1, 2022
    It's Awesome👍
    Sejal Hardik Vadaliya
    August 26, 2022
    Easy to use, very impressed with this product
    Malarkodi A Thilak
    August 25, 2022
    August 22, 2022
    August 18, 2022
    Vinayak Sharma
    August 9, 2022
    Shubham sharma
    August 8, 2022
    Amar singh
    August 8, 2022
    Great product,worked good so far!
    Vaishali Rakesh Pandya
    August 7, 2022
    Overall a useful and good quality product. I do feel my belly smaller!Very intuitive to use and I like the part that it has full length belt to secure the stimulator; Easy to use and maintain.
    August 7, 2022
    I have Diastasis Recti and this is really helping my muscles. I have been going to Physical Therapy and have not seen a lot of difference. Sine I purchased this product I am noticing a big difference. Great product
    Kapil Mistry
    August 2, 2022
    This is a great product the quality of the material is better than most of the other ones I have use and the design makes it easy to use any where and time without the sticky residue of the others
    Angad Vishwakarma
    August 1, 2022
    Pawan Kumar
    July 30, 2022
    I just wanna say thanks ererything is ok
    Mandar Bhide
    July 29, 2022
    Amit Rana
    July 24, 2022
    Chandan Dubey
    July 22, 2022
    The Fit is Great and Comfortable. The ABS Stimulation and Contractions are Awesome. It has Multiple Modes and Speeds to conform to anyone's preferences. Highly Recommend.
    Subrata Mishra
    July 17, 2022
    Great product, nicely made modules are intense
    Gettiboyina Anand
    July 14, 2022
    July 13, 2022
    July 10, 2022
    Easy to use
    Jogi bedwal
    July 1, 2022
    June 29, 2022
    Good for your Abs
    June 27, 2022
    Mahesh Thakor
    June 9, 2022
    Naseem Khan
    June 8, 2022
    Lightweight and portable
    Pradeep Kumar
    May 30, 2022
    Easy to use! Comfortable and it works!
    May 24, 2022
    It is a very worthy buy, from my experience using this product in the past several months. It doesn’t have the popular issues that I used to see on other similar products —— it is a belt so I don’t worry about the stickiness thing; It operates very stable; I need to use at very low intensity level due to sensitive skin and it seems its intensity level starts very low and climb up slowly, a nice curve. Also the best thing is that this product saves you the money to buy gel pad. It just need to spray water in the pads everything before you use it. Good deal
    Austin Shukla
    May 23, 2022
    works well
    Devina Patel
    May 15, 2022
    Amazing product
    May 15, 2022
    Great ABS Stimulator
    Sandeep Saini
    May 8, 2022
    Really helping!
    May 3, 2022
    Suresh Kurmi
    April 24, 2022
    Sumit Sharma
    April 23, 2022
    Good product 👍
    Salman Khan
    April 22, 2022
    Value for money
    Pawan chauhan
    April 21, 2022
    April 21, 2022
    It really takes a bit to get use to the felling that it produces
    Mandeep Sherawat
    April 14, 2022
    Easy to handle...and work efficiently
    Lalan Jha
    April 10, 2022
    Good Product. Easy to Use. Effective.
    Aamir Suhail
    April 8, 2022
    Been using it for when I can't work out. Works great!! Comfortable and the stretch is amazing!!
    March 27, 2022
    March 26, 2022
    Awesome Product, Worth for Money
    Sk Rasool
    March 21, 2022
    March 19, 2022
    Awesome product with immense benefits.
    Kamal Rajput
    March 4, 2022
    Good job
    MD Irfan
    February 25, 2022
    Salman Khan
    February 24, 2022
    Must buy
    muhammad Rashid
    February 19, 2022
    Dinesh Bhikaji
    February 17, 2022
    February 10, 2022
    I use it on my lower back!
    Ajeet Kumar
    February 1, 2022
    Aniket Ashok
    January 30, 2022
    Best thing ever for lower back pain! No idea if it’ll help with my sweet abs.
    Moti Singh Rajpurohit
    January 29, 2022
    January 24, 2022
    Excellent performance
    Pardeep Kumar
    January 24, 2022
    January 24, 2022
    Great quality and Easy to use
    Ashraf Khan
    January 22, 2022
    Value product
    Rehan Khan
    January 19, 2022
    This is like doing tummy crunchers
    January 18, 2022
    Irfan Khan
    January 18, 2022
    Nice product.
    January 17, 2022
    Good product
    Sunil Yadav
    January 13, 2022
    Muskan boutique
    January 12, 2022
    The product quality is awesome and the delivery was done super quick
    January 11, 2022
    Jampi Lal Meena
    January 2, 2022
    Exactly as I expected
    Saminder singh
    December 23, 2021
    December 4, 2021
    November 24, 2021
    November 19, 2021
    November 9, 2021
    Baljinder Kumar
    November 5, 2021
    November 3, 2021
    Sunil Maurya
    October 30, 2021
    Nikhilesh Malani
    October 29, 2021
    Mohit Meena
    October 26, 2021
    Vinod Kumar
    October 24, 2021
    Nitu Kumari
    October 14, 2021

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Abs Stimulator Fitness Gym Abs Stickers Pad for Men & Women Abs Stimulator Fitness Gym Abs...


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