Bombay Shaving Company Dexter V6 set of 4 Senstitive Cartridges

For skin prone to irritation and razor burn

  • Precision engineered with optimal blade gap for an easy shave with zero tugging and pulling.
  • Embedded safety guards with anti-friction gliding strip that provide a smooth, unstoppable shave.
  • Equipped with 3 independently suspended blades and a two-way pivoting head for a smooth, unrestricted glide, that helps shave along the contours of your face.
  • Its anti-clog, easy rinse technology helps speed up your shaves and saves time.
  • For all skin types.
  • Made in Israel.
  • Compatible with the Defender razor.


Engineered with two-way pivot and 3 independently suspended blades to allow an unstoppable shave. Each blade on the Defender razor moves freely along the contours of your face, providing you with maximum control.

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Two-Way Pivot

The Defender razor has unrestricted pivoting action which ensures better control at any angle, for an unstoppable shave.

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Uniquely Spaced Blades

Engineered with optimal blade gap to allow longer strokes without post-shave irritation or razor burns.

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Anti-Clog, Easy Rinse

The razor’s special feature prevents clogging and eliminates the need to rinse often making your shave optimally quick and efficient.

Additional Features

Anti-Clog Design: Optimum spacing between each blade i.e. Anti-clog design, prevents clogging, for a smooth and unstoppable shave.

Anti-Friction Gliding Strips: 4 anti-friction gliding strips before and after each blade, reduces friction during strokes, eliminating razor burn.

Embedded Safety Guards: Specially embedded safety guards after each blade on your razor reduces nicks and cuts while shaving.

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Use Defender razor handle to load the cartridge from the cartridge holder.

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Take short downward strokes along the grain, i.e. the same direction your hair grows.

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Push forward on the lever on the cartridge to release it


What is the difference between the regular cartridge and the sensitive cartridge?
The regular cartridge is meant for regular skin types and provides the closest shaves. The sensitive cartridge on the other hand is tailor made for skin that is prone to rashes and razor burn. The extra coating on each blade acts as extra protection, making it suitable for the sensitive skin type.
What is FlexBlade TechnologyTM?
FlexBlade TechnologyTM is a specially designed system where each of the 3 blades are independently suspended and the cartridge pivots two ways, allowing for maximum control over your shaves.
How long do the blades last?
The exact length of the Defender depends on the usage, but the blade averages 15 – 20 shaves per cartridge.
How many blades come in a pack?
Each pack contains 4 blades in a durable holder.
What is anti-clog design?
Optimal spacing between the blades provides for free flow of facial hair, meaning that you can take longer strokes every time without having to rinse your blade.
What cartridge do I use if I have acne-prone skin?
We recommend using the sensitive cartridge if you have acne-prone skin. However, if irritation continues, discontinue use.
Bombay Shaving Company Dexter V6 set of 4 Senstitive Cartridges Bombay Shaving Company Dexter ...


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