Druvan Cosmetic Onion Shampoo – for Hair Growth for Men & Women 250 ml (Pack of 3)

  • Package Contains: Onion Shampoo 250ml (Pack of 3)
  • Weight: 250 ml each
  • Brand: Druvan Cosmetic

Onion Shampoo is rich in balancing, volatizing and nourishing properties. It is fortified with Hair Boosters, designed to leave the hair feeling strengthened, manageable and in total control. This rich moisturizing shampoo penetrates deep into the hair’s fibers to restore flexibility, repairing, soothing and nourishing roots and scalp adding a healthy luster to the hair, leaving it feeling silky soft, regenerated and totally manageable. Suitable for frequent use on most hair types.

This shampoo is made from the coconut based cleansers which gently lift dirt and grease from the hair, without stripping the natural oils from the skin or irritating the scalp, avoiding the flakiness and dryness associated with synthetic detergents. It is safe for Color Treated Hair. Formulated with natural and organic plant and seed oils and extracts to strengthen and rejuvenate your hair, leaving it moisturized, repaired and nourished – for a long lasting color and shine.


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Druvan Cosmetic Onion Shampoo - for Hair Growth for Men & Women 250 ml Druvan Cosmetic Onion Shampoo ...


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