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Meru Bio Herb Eczema Creamy Ointment

Eczema is a skin condition that causes dry, itchy skin, which can result in flaky skin, bumpy skin, inflamed skin, and irritated skin. That’s why it’s essential to keep your eczema rash moisturized with a targeted eczema cream. Other ingredients, like Oatmeal, Hyaluronic acid, and Safflower oil, in this eczema creamy ointment intensely moisturizes your eczema rash to help keep your skin comfortable. Eczema Creamy Ointment for eczema rashes is a gentle way to temporarily protect and relieve minor skin irritation and itching due to eczema.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Oenothera biennis oil,. Avena sativa , Helianthus annuus, Hamamelis

Directions for use : Soften Ointment by rubbing it between your hands and then apply it to your body using the palm, in downward strokes. Avoid rubbing by stroking up and down, or in circles. If the moisturizer feels “tacky” on your skin, don’t remove the excess. It will be absorbed within a few minutes

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Petrolatum, hydroxyacetic acid & Glycerol

Caution: Keep out of eyes. If contact Occurs , Rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinuous if signs of irritation or inflammation develop.

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51 reviews for Meru Bio Herb Eczema Creamy Ointment

    April 10, 2023
    My eczema used to be a daily struggle, but since using this ointment, it's been so much better
    April 7, 2023
    Provides relief for eczema symptoms without any stinging or burning
    April 7, 2023
    My eczema has significantly improved since I started using this ointment
    Saurav Kumar
    March 30, 2023
    One of the best eczema products I've tried, but the packaging is not very travel-friendly
    March 26, 2023
    This eczema cream has improved the texture and appearance of my skin over time
    Mohammad Ajmal Chaudhary
    March 22, 2023
    Relieved itching and irritation quickly, but can leave a slight residue
    March 17, 2023
    I found that the Eczema Creamy Ointment had a strong medicinal scent, which was a bit overpowering for my liking While it did soothe my eczema flare-ups, I didn't like the smell lingering on my skin throughout the day
    March 3, 2023
    Helped with my eczema, but I don't love the texture of the ointment
    February 18, 2023
    This cream has been a lifesaver for my eczema and I can't recommend it enough
    February 16, 2023
    This product did help with the itching and redness associated with my eczema, but I didn't notice any improvement in the dryness or flakiness of my skin It also seemed to take longer to absorb than other eczema creams I have used
    February 3, 2023
    This ointment has become a staple in my eczema skincare routine
    January 19, 2023
    Soothes itching and irritation quickly, but I wish it had a more pleasant scent
    January 8, 2023
    I've noticed a significant improvement in my eczema since switching to this ointment
    January 7, 2023
    Great for dry skin, but the scent is a bit strong for my liking
    January 7, 2023
    Effective for soothing eczema symptoms but can be a bit greasy
    January 6, 2023
    Non-greasy formula that provides relief from eczema without irritation
    January 6, 2023
    This is the only cream that has been able to calm my eczema flare-ups
    Manoj Mor
    January 4, 2023
    I love that this ointment doesn't have a strong scent like some other eczema creams
    December 24, 2022
    This is the best eczema cream I've ever used and I highly recommend it
    December 14, 2022
    I appreciate that this ointment is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into my skin
    December 13, 2022
    This cream is gentle enough to use on my toddler's eczema and it works wonders
    December 12, 2022
    The Eczema Creamy Ointment did provide some relief for my eczema, but it was not as effective as other products I have tried The texture was quite thick and greasy, which made it difficult to apply and absorb into my skin
    Aditya sharma
    December 6, 2022
    I'm amazed by how well this ointment works on my stubborn eczema patches
    December 5, 2022
    Helps calm eczema breakouts but is a bit pricier than other options
    December 4, 2022
    I can finally stop searching for the perfect eczema cream because I found it with this ointment
    Parveen Kumar
    November 23, 2022
    While the Eczema Creamy Ointment did provide some relief for my eczema, I found that I had to reapply it frequently throughout the day to maintain the benefits It also left a greasy residue on my clothes and bedding, which was a bit frustrating
    November 21, 2022
    This product did help to calm my eczema symptoms, but I didn't like how thick and heavy it felt on my skin It also didn't absorb very well, which made it difficult to use during the day under makeup or sunscreen
    Hansraj chandela
    November 8, 2022
    This cream has been a game-changer for my eczema-prone skin
    Raja Kumar
    November 5, 2022
    I love that this ointment doesn't leave a greasy residue on my skin
    October 26, 2022
    I love that this ointment is gentle enough to use on my face without causing breakouts
    Rohit soni
    October 26, 2022
    I've tried countless eczema creams, but this one is the best by far
    kala kundu
    October 25, 2022
    Great for sensitive skin but may not work for severe eczema cases
    Sharafat Ahmat
    October 21, 2022
    I was hesitant to try another eczema product, but I'm so glad I gave this ointment a chance
    October 19, 2022
    I'm grateful for this ointment for giving me relief from the itching and pain of eczema
    Saurabh Singh
    October 9, 2022
    I'm amazed by how quickly this ointment relieves my eczema symptoms
    Vinutha ks
    October 8, 2022
    This is the only eczema cream that doesn't sting or burn when I apply it
    October 8, 2022
    I love that this ointment doesn't have any harsh chemicals that can irritate my eczema
    October 6, 2022
    I appreciate that this ointment is fragrance-free and gentle on my sensitive skin
    Aradhna Sharma
    September 26, 2022
    Provides long-lasting moisture but may not work for everyone's eczema
    September 22, 2022
    Helped reduce redness and itching but takes time to fully absorb into the skin
    Cheya ben Suresh kumar Hingu
    September 16, 2022
    This ointment is a must-have for anyone with eczema - it's the best on the market
    P. regmi
    September 16, 2022
    This ointment has improved the texture and appearance of my eczema-prone skin
    September 9, 2022
    Worked well for my eczema flare-ups, but I wish the tube was bigger
    August 26, 2022
    Worked well for my child's eczema, but the scent was not appealing to them
    Ash ketchum
    August 26, 2022
    My dermatologist recommended this ointment and I'm so glad I tried it - it works wonders on my eczema
    August 25, 2022
    The creamy texture is comforting for eczema-prone skin but has a slightly medicinal smell
    August 18, 2022
    This ointment is worth every penny for how well it works on my eczema
    Tushar rohitbhai pendse
    August 11, 2022
    A little goes a long way, but takes some time to fully sink into the skin
    August 11, 2022
    I've never felt more confident in my skin than I do now that I've found this ointment for my eczema
    August 5, 2022
    This cream has saved my skin during eczema flare-ups
    Akhil Raj
    August 3, 2022
    This ointment is incredibly moisturizing and soothing for my eczema

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