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PARK DANIEL Improved vitamin C Facial serum- For Anti Aging & Smoothening & Brigthening Face Combo pack of 3 bottles of 30 ml(90 ml) (90 ml)

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Park Daniel Improved Vitamin C Facial serums are specialists designed to deliver a high concentration of vitamin C. Although the formula is oil-and-water-based, it is created to have an oil-free texture. In fact, serums are described as having a velvety finish. Although the formulas do not leave an oily finish, the intensive formula can irritate sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin should look for vitamin C serums. HOW TO USE: Take 3 drop of serum or as required dot in on the face and massage gently in an upward circular motion till the serum is completely absorbed. Use as Day Serum, Night Serum & Before Makeup.

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Based on 31 reviews

31 reviews for PARK DANIEL Improved vitamin C Facial serum- For Anti Aging & Smoothening & Brigthening Face Combo pack of 3 bottles of 30 ml(90 ml)

  1. Mahesh

    Face serum doesn’t dry out my skin like other exfoliators I’ve tried

  2. Saurabh Patel

    I appreciate that Face serum is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

  3. Pramod sharma

    Face serum has a luxurious feel and provides a spa-like experience at home

  4. Vishal

    I’ve noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles since using Face serum

  5. Vikram Singh

    I’ve noticed a more even skin tone and improved texture since incorporating Face serum into my routine

  6. Yasir

    Face serum is gentle enough for daily use without causing any irritation

  7. Rahul Choudhary

    I’ve noticed a reduction in the appearance of pores since using Face serum

  8. Tanis

    I appreciate that Face serum doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances or dyes

  9. Krishna Kumar

    Face serum effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving my skin looking rejuvenated

  10. Mohammad Arif

    My skin feels more balanced and less oily after using Face serum

  11. Sohil Khan

    I enjoy the refreshing scent of Face serum and how it leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated

  12. Sorab

    I love that Face serum is cruelty-free and not tested on animals

  13. Shabana Salman

    Face serum has a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin

  14. Dipak pandey

    The exfoliating properties of Face serum have helped unclog my pores and minimize breakouts

  15. Vikash Patil

    Face serum has a creamy texture that feels luxurious on the skin

  16. Wasim Billa

    I’ve noticed a reduction in redness and irritation since using Face serum

  17. Deshram Kudi

    Face serum has helped fade my acne scars and even out my skin tone, giving me a more radiant complexion

  18. Renu Arora

    My makeup goes on more smoothly and looks better after using Face serum

  19. DEEPAK

    Face serum has a pleasant scent and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

  20. Mr. Vinodbhai Ramjibhai Dudhagra

    My skin feels refreshed and energized after using Face serum in the morning

  21. Dhaval chaudhary

    My skin looks more youthful and radiant after using Face serum consistently

  22. Munna Khan

    My skin feels softer and smoother after using Face serum for a few weeks

  23. parveen anand

    My skin feels deeply cleansed and purified after using Face serum

  24. Mukesh

    I appreciate that Face serum is gentle on my sensitive skin while still providing effective exfoliation

  25. Shahrukh

    I’ve noticed a reduction in dullness and an increase in radiance since adding Face serum to my skincare routine

  26. Ramniwash Bhadana

    Face serum has noticeably improved the texture of my skin and reduced the appearance of fine lines

  27. Rustm Ali

    Face serum has helped fade my dark spots and hyperpigmentation

  28. Pushapendra Kumar

    Face serum has a pleasant, invigorating scent that wakes up my senses in the morning

  29. Jay

    I’ve received compliments on my glowing complexion since incorporating Face serum into my routine

  30. Anil

    I love that Face serum is made with organic ingredients and is environmentally friendly

  31. Praveen rathi

    Face serum has a cooling effect that soothes my skin and reduces inflammation

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