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Meru Bio Herb Spot Less Cream

Spots can develop after a bout of inflammation on the skin. Inflammation may occur for various reasons that include eczema, psoriasis, injury to the skin, and acne Skin conditions, pregnancy and certain medications or medical conditions may cause dark spots. People who have fair skin, light hair, and who have had serious or multiple sunburns are most at risk of developing dark spots

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Aqua, Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil*, Avena Sativa (Oats) Kernel Oil*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract*, Olea Europaea (Olive) Oil* , Soya Extract*, Glycerin*, Coco-Caprylate/Caprate*, Cetearyl Alcohol*, Polysorbate Carbomer, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, Phenoxyethanol, Polyethylene Glycol 400.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Mandelic acid.Vitamin C.Glycolic acid, Licorice root Kojic acid Benzoyl Peroxide Hydroquinone curcumin extract alpha arbutin or niacinamide& Essential Oil.

Caution: Keep out of eyes. If contact Occurs , Rinse thoroughly with water. Discontinuous if signs of irritation or inflammation develop.

Directions For Use : Cleanse your Dark skin area with a gentle cleanser. Apply some cream on the dark area and Massage gently until the cream gets absorbed.

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45 reviews for Meru Bio Herb Spot Less Cream

    April 1, 2023
    Helped to even out my skin tone and reduce redness
    April 1, 2023
    Worked okay for some of my spots but not all
    Hitesh Choudhary
    March 24, 2023
    Exceeded my expectations and delivered amazing results
    March 24, 2023
    A great value for the price and quality of the product
    Dhruvrajsinh Jadeja
    March 24, 2023
    The cream had a nice texture and wasn't too greasy
    March 9, 2023
    Helped to smooth out my skin's texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines
    March 7, 2023
    Provided a good amount of hydration without being too heavy
    February 22, 2023
    The packaging was convenient and easy to use
    Dhruvrajsinh Rathod
    February 14, 2023
    Helped to brighten and clarify my skin
    Manash Jyoti
    February 11, 2023
    Worked well as a spot treatment for occasional breakouts
    February 2, 2023
    I found the cream to be a bit too pricey for the amount provided
    Ashok Mehta
    January 30, 2023
    Effective at fading dark spots caused by acne scarring
    January 25, 2023
    A good value for the quality of the product
    January 18, 2023
    Gave me a more youthful and radiant complexion
    January 15, 2023
    Didn't clog my pores or cause any acne
    January 6, 2023
    Didn't cause any irritation or sensitivity on my skin
    Ayush Limbachia
    January 2, 2023
    I didn't notice any significant difference in my overall skin texture or brightness
    December 31, 2022
    Didn't contain any harmful or irritating ingredients
    December 21, 2022
    Effective at reducing the appearance of blemishes
    Satan uma Tooo
    December 13, 2022
    I noticed a visible reduction in some of my spots after consistent use
    December 12, 2022
    Pleasant scent that wasn't overpowering
    November 26, 2022
    Natural and gentle formulation that I felt good about using on my skin
    bhagerath prasad
    November 3, 2022
    Helped to even out my skin tone and reduce redness
    November 2, 2022
    Worked well on dark spots caused by sun damage
    November 1, 2022
    Worked well on both old and new scars
    Deepak Soni
    October 29, 2022
    I noticed an improvement in my overall skin texture and brightness after using this cream
    October 26, 2022
    Long-lasting effect on my skin's appearance and health
    October 22, 2022
    Significantly reduced the appearance of my dark spots and hyperpigmentation
    Tejpal Singh
    October 18, 2022
    Took longer than expected to see results
    Amit Chauchan
    October 17, 2022
    Provided a noticeable improvement in my skin's clarity and radiance
    rajat daiya
    October 14, 2022
    Absorbed quickly into my skin without leaving a residue
    October 14, 2022
    Gentle on my skin and didn't cause any irritation
    Gautam Chabukswar
    October 6, 2022
    Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
    Ronnie Rathore
    September 25, 2022
    Worked well under makeup without pilling or flaking
    Vinay Kumar
    September 24, 2022
    A staple in my skincare routine and I would highly recommend it
    September 16, 2022
    Didn't clog my pores or cause any acne
    Sandhya Yadav
    September 16, 2022
    Pleasant, subtle scent that wasn't overpowering
    September 15, 2022
    Worked quickly and effectively to clear up my occasional breakouts
    September 12, 2022
    Provided a good amount of hydration without making my skin feel oily or greasy
    Pratik mandal
    September 10, 2022
    Suitable for all skin types and ages
    September 10, 2022
    Gentle enough for daily use without causing any dryness or irritation
    August 21, 2022
    Helped to reduce inflammation and soothe my skin
    August 18, 2022
    The consistency of the cream was a bit too thick for my liking
    August 11, 2022
    The cream had a lightweight, non-greasy texture that absorbed easily into my skin
    Naveen Pandey
    August 9, 2022
    The packaging was convenient and easy to use

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Meru Bio Herb Spot Less Cream Meru Bio Herb Spot Less Cream


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