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Grolet Natural Anti Acne Face Serum for Reduces Acne Pimple & Dark Spots (30 ml)

  • Product Name: Grolet Natural Anti Acne Serum for Reduces Acne Pimple & Dark Spots (30 ml)
  • Skin Type: All, Oily, Combination, Dry, Normal
  • Product Benefits: Brightening
  • Combo: Pack of 1

More about this item:

Apply to damp, moist skin as it’s several times more permeable than dry skin. Massage into the skin gently so it penetrates and absorbs well. Wait 5 min. to allow the serum to completely absorb moisturizer- Complete your skin care regimen with a daily moisturizer with sun protection to lock it all in.

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109 reviews for Grolet Natural Anti Acne Face Serum for Reduces Acne Pimple & Dark Spots (30 ml) (KDB-2365509)

    Ravi Kadigalla
    January 22, 2023
    Munaf Khan
    January 21, 2023
    I have a sensitive skin but it went well, no side effects till date.
    Tarun Garg
    January 18, 2023
    Excellent product
    Adesh Rathod
    January 12, 2023
    Good product..bought a send bottle of it
    January 10, 2023
    Excellent brand, always does what it claims to do
    January 10, 2023
    It's fantastic, it really helps you to get a brighter complexion.
    January 10, 2023
    Good quality products
    January 8, 2023
    January 6, 2023
    December 30, 2022
    I simply love it, it clears the pigmentation and makes your skin cleaner. Gives amazing glow and light to even wear under makeup. I cover it with Lotus matte gel sunscreen or biotique carrot sunscreen, works wonders on my skin!! My skin is combination, a little on dry side, just in case if someone needs to decide! Have a great day!
    Mannu Khan
    December 27, 2022
    Omg Leak ...๐Ÿง
    Rakesh baban madhavi
    December 27, 2022
    This is my second purchase nice ๐Ÿ‘
    Yasir Rouf
    December 26, 2022
    I don't say it is an excellent product. It worked moderately fine, I don't say it worked wonders but it is just fine.
    sandeep Vishnu jadhav
    December 25, 2022
    Nice product..
    Ali khan baloch
    December 25, 2022
    I have been using this serum for a year now in my AM routine. Personally, I really like the effect it has on my skin. With consistent use, it has helped me get rid of skin dullness. The dark spots left back by acne also slowly faded away. The skin feels smoother and brighter. Of course, pair it with a moisturizer and sunscreen to get a complete benefit.
    Rinkal Vipul Bhai Pansuriya
    December 17, 2022
    I have extremely acne prone and redness prone skin. I have tried many vitamin c serums and acne products as well and only something really amazing works for my skin. This vitamin c serum is one of 2-3 out of thousands of products which actually show results on my face without irritating it or causing breakouts. It not lightweight nor heavy, itโ€™s a perfect product for those who are tanned or want a glow complexion. Dark spots do reduce but this product brings glow to my face and reduces tanning. Itโ€™s the perfect concentration and blend.
    December 11, 2022
    Anshu Choudhary
    December 4, 2022
    One of the best serum..
    November 27, 2022
    Priya L
    November 25, 2022
    Sanjay Tailor
    November 24, 2022
    Asim Anees
    November 19, 2022
    November 19, 2022
    Not side-effect
    November 7, 2022
    Excellent ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    October 26, 2022
    October 18, 2022
    Kunal Singh
    October 14, 2022
    I like this serum because very light on skin, non sticky, and effective for all skin types. It takes atleast one month for perfect results. Regular uses of this serum can definitely repair skin. I purchase it for second time and i like to use it.
    October 11, 2022
    October 10, 2022
    Vitamin C can be irritating for the skin for some people so do a patch test. If you are a beginner, start with a low concentration and slowly build up.
    October 5, 2022
    October 4, 2022
    Dilshad Khan
    September 27, 2022
    Mahesh Kumar
    September 23, 2022
    It works
    Sanjeev Dhiman
    September 23, 2022
    And easy to use ๐Ÿ˜‰
    September 22, 2022
    September 22, 2022
    Can use for all types of skin
    Govind lohar
    September 19, 2022
    September 18, 2022
    Baljinder singh
    September 15, 2022
    Sarita Verma
    September 12, 2022
    Saurabh Sharma
    September 5, 2022
    Excellent product
    August 30, 2022
    Trust me guys, it works. Itโ€™s been 2 weeks and Iโ€™m already noticing my fine lines getting faded. It has two drawbacks though: irritates near my eyes & nose and too oily, spoiling my pillow cover. I am gonna move to retinoid cream.
    August 29, 2022
    Good for beginners
    August 15, 2022
    It's provide full source of vitamin c
    Sandeep Wankhede
    August 11, 2022
    Decent Product
    Sanjay kumar patel
    August 7, 2022
    Earlier using another brand, thinking to change that, so i bought this one,
    Honey raj
    August 4, 2022
    Good product
    July 30, 2022
    July 30, 2022
    It makes the skin really good. Applying only once makes a difference.
    July 28, 2022
    Awesome product
    Sanjiv CHADHA
    July 26, 2022
    Effective & affordable
    Vinod Kumar mandal
    July 22, 2022
    Easy to swallow
    July 20, 2022
    I am using this product since a month and seriously seeing results in my not only reduces pigmentation,but also makes my skin smooth and glowy.
    Gagan Deep
    July 19, 2022
    Reduces pigmentation,great vitamin c product
    July 9, 2022
    Its good product worked well on ageing skin but price is little bit higher and quantity should be more overall its good to go for women above 30
    July 9, 2022
    Very good product, it works.
    Aadil Khan
    June 27, 2022
    June 21, 2022
    Good product
    June 18, 2022
    May 31, 2022
    one of the best purchase
    Pooja Yadav
    May 27, 2022
    Arun Kumar
    May 26, 2022
    Nice product
    May 26, 2022
    I have used many vitamin c serums,but derma co is the best one,it gave me result within one week,it improved my skin texture also....price is not high when it come to result...
    star health
    May 25, 2022
    I had some black spots on my face which made my face look dull. Derma co really helped to clear the spots.
    May 14, 2022
    Very easy to use and taste is not bad. Taking this twice a week. Good result in few days. The flavour is good. I like it
    Ramesh Kumar
    May 13, 2022
    After using this product for more than 2 months I am writing this review, initially, I was not satisfied with the product and I did not notice any results. I have oily/pimple skin but believe me, it shows it's the result gradually. It keeps your skin hydrated and it does what it claims. You can use the product at night and for 2-3 days a week.
    Ashish Saha
    May 12, 2022
    Blindly go for it!
    May 10, 2022
    Nice product
    Sunder Singh
    May 4, 2022
    It is nyyyc for all skin problems but can't bright the skin tone
    April 30, 2022
    Valued product.
    Akshay Patil
    April 30, 2022
    Good for daily use. Using the second bottle now.
    April 28, 2022
    Sandeep Kumar
    April 26, 2022
    Roshan bhai Ramji bhai
    April 15, 2022
    April 15, 2022
    Standard product at a reasonable price point. Amazingg experience using it!
    April 14, 2022
    Darshan Chauhan
    April 12, 2022
    It really works
    April 9, 2022
    Excellent product for oily skin
    April 7, 2022
    Samarth Bajaj
    March 31, 2022
    Sagardip Kar
    March 26, 2022
    This serum is so light on your face and gets absorbed very easily. It has got niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and best part is that it is parben and sulphate free. I personally love to use it at night.
    March 9, 2022
    For new beginners who is trying retinol fr the first time will find this product very suitable, no reaction, good fr sensitive skin
    March 7, 2022
    It works neatly without any irritation and it gelps to reduce hyperpigmentation.
    March 5, 2022
    March 3, 2022
    Love it!
    Raaj Raj
    March 2, 2022
    February 26, 2022
    Vishnu sharma
    February 23, 2022
    This product quality is Amazing. I recommend this product after using it.
    Asad Khan
    February 21, 2022
    Mustufa Nandasania
    February 20, 2022
    February 15, 2022
    Good product, delivery was on time.
    February 10, 2022
    Pratap Singh
    February 8, 2022
    February 4, 2022
    Dinesh thakkar
    February 3, 2022
    February 3, 2022
    Lightweight and good.
    February 1, 2022
    I use this product and fill good
    January 27, 2022
    Totally expected good results
    Ravindar Kumar Singh
    January 24, 2022
    January 22, 2022
    No Side effects
    Arjun Pundir
    January 14, 2022
    Kalpeshsingh parmar
    January 1, 2022
    vit c serums are bad for you
    December 31, 2021
    Rahul Bhatt
    November 7, 2021
    October 24, 2021
    Aftar hussain
    October 14, 2021
    October 8, 2021
    Abhishek Meena
    October 2, 2021
    September 12, 2021

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Grolet Natural Anti Acne Face Serum for Reduces Acne Pimple & Dark Spots (30 ml) Grolet Natural Anti Acne Face ...


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