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Portable Automatic Spray Toilet Brush with Long Handle

EASILY CLEAN THE DEAD ANGLE: Flat brush head can bend to accommodate the angle of the edge, direct edge. The tip design of the brush head can be curved onto the brush head and better cleans the edge of the toilet.

VENTILATION SLOT BASE: The interior of the bracket is a drain tank to achieve a better drainage effect. The bottom of the base will not leak, and then solve the health problem.

THE TROUBLE OF WINDING HAIR: Larger bristles make it difficult to wrap your hair and other dirty foreign objects. Simply rinse the brush and remove hair. Save your time to solve cleaning problems and hair entanglement. The toilet brush uses a silica gel bristles to prevent the toilet from being scratched.

AUTOMATIC LIQUID DISPENSER: The product has spray liquid function, only need to add detergent, press the switch, will automatically flow out of the detergent.

Portable Automatic Spray Toilet Brush with Long Handle Portable Automatic Spray Toile...
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