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Raincoat Ball – Emergency Raincoat Drawstring Hood Poncho with Ball for Children and Adults Lightweight & Reusable or Disposable

  • In Package: It Has Portable Raincoat Disposable Waterproof Poncho Keychain
  • Material: Degradable Material
  • Size: 115 x 90 cm
  • Product Weight: 300 gm


Features: Portable Raincoat Disposable Waterproof Poncho Keychain

  1. This product has: good rainproof performance, high strength, non-toxic, tasteless, is a portable disposable raincoat. At the same time, it can be made into degradable materials, which is really beneficial to environmental protection.
  2. Raincoats Suitable for Men Women boys girl ladies teenagers Carry folded with you always for sudden rain Ball Size: 6 cm Dia, 45 gm, Very Lightweight but protect and cover from the rain.
  3. Bright color with large size gives you full protection and a chic look.
  4. Lightweight and easy to carry, it is a good partner for outdoor and travel, and it is also a must for every family. Choose from a variety of bright and colorful colors and styles.

Note: Color as per availability


Material: The disposable poncho is made of high-quality PE, thickened material, wide cuff design, not easy to tear.

Wide Application: Disposable poncho is very suitable for camping, hiking, mountaineering, outdoor sports, boating, amusement parks, etc. Raincoat Balls are easy to carry, soft, light, thin, and can be easily folded and placed on these little plastic balls, or you can hang it on a keychain or backpack.

Product Size: Disposable waterproof rain poncho is about 53.94in in length, 29.53in in sleeve length and 66.93in in bust length, suitable for adults and children.

Super Value Pack: Stock ahead of time with these handy emergency disposable ponchos, perfect for your classroom field trips, group play dates, parties, family trips, and more.





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45 reviews for Portable Raincoat Disposable Waterproof Poncho Keychain Rain coat (KDB-37208)

    Suprita Gowda
    September 15, 2022
    I liked the quality
    Bharat Meher
    August 30, 2022
    Good product
    Shreya Roy Dogra
    August 22, 2022
    Good quality
    Rajendra Bakhla
    August 20, 2022
    G Prasad Naidu
    August 17, 2022
    biplove roy
    August 9, 2022
    Very good quality
    Thirumurthy Janaki
    August 5, 2022
    Good quevality
    Pooja Vikram
    August 2, 2022
    Good quality......uses for only 4times .... but perfect partner for travel
    Dasaradhi M
    July 30, 2022
    Product is good
    Zahid Hussain
    July 30, 2022
    The quality is good
    varshini s
    July 29, 2022
    Quality of the product is very ok, not satisfied with the product, can be used for few times only
    As Ansari
    July 29, 2022
    Nice app kdb
    Vipul Kumar Kumar
    July 28, 2022
    Kdb app is food for online purchase, loved it
    Vipul Kumar Kumar
    July 28, 2022
    Good one . must buy this product if you travel frequently
    As Ansari
    July 27, 2022
    Good one
    Md Azharul Islam
    July 26, 2022
    Good meterial , it is used for atleast 5 times. good while traveling
    July 26, 2022
    Received fast order
    July 26, 2022
    Good quality
    Portable Raincoat Disposable Waterproof Poncho Keychain Rain coat (KDB-37208) photo review
    Raj Ahirwar
    July 25, 2022
    Good product
    Moin Ibraheem
    July 25, 2022
    Quality is good
    Pooja Vikram
    July 25, 2022
    Good's a portable rain coat with 3 to 4 time usage, good for travel
    October 17, 2021
    Satisfied with products.
    Chandan Baliarsingh
    October 13, 2021
    Best ?deal
    Raghu Ram
    October 4, 2021
    Ok product as per price
    Asif Ansari
    August 27, 2021
    Makes for easy access since you dont have to dig around in backpack if it starts to rain!
    Pravesh Meena
    August 18, 2021
    Worked for what we needed.
    Mukesh Kumar
    August 16, 2021
    Just as advertised
    Namrata Jain
    July 26, 2021
    Great compact ponchos for travel
    Priyank Garg
    July 18, 2021
    Space savers!
    July 11, 2021
    Worked Well
    david edgell
    June 23, 2021
    Good value for the money. Excellent product
    Javed Khan
    June 15, 2021
    Handy but not tough
    Shashivendra Kumar
    June 8, 2021
    Great for on the go trips
    Naseeb Kumar
    June 3, 2021
    We ordered these for our recent holiday where the weather can be unpredictable. They were brilliant, we just clipped one on a bag and left it there until we needed it ?
    Vikram Kumar
    June 2, 2021
    These balls are inexpensve and lightweight and can be attached to anything or stuffed in a backpack. Great for emergency rain and I got the raincoats stuffed back into the balls so they are reusable
    May 30, 2021
    Worked fine!
    Ashiv Khan
    May 15, 2021
    Space saving hand held
    Poonam Gupta
    May 7, 2021
    These are great to just toss in a gym bag or purse :)
    Surendra Saini
    May 5, 2021
    Ideal for theme park use. Don’t expect them to last for ages as not that robust, but serve a purpose for the price.
    Ankit Tripathi
    April 24, 2021
    Just what I expected
    Gourav Jain
    April 16, 2021
    Durable Rain protector
    Tanu vijay
    April 4, 2021
    March 19, 2021
    The balls kept the rain ponchos safe from being damaged in their backpacks and made it easy for them to find amongst all their papers and books. Will definitely get more if needed.
    Saranya Prabha
    March 10, 2021
    The metal ring isn’t very good but it’s attached to plastic so anything stronger may cause the plastic ring to break. The ball does screw shut so it’s secure. I think I would buy these again & not rely on the hooks
    March 3, 2021
    Will Buy More

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