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Powerful Drain Blockage Cleaner Sink Cleaner Powder

  • Package Contains: It has 1 Piece of Powerful Drain Blockage Cleaner Sink Cleaner Powder, Drain Cleaner & Clog, Automatic Toilet Blockage Cleaner, Unclogs and Pack of 1 (100 G)
  • Material: Powder
  • Quantity: 100 gm
  • Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1



  1. The Powerful pipe dredging agent that is safe to use in toilets. Other caustic drain chemicals generate enormous amounts of heat which can crack your toilet bowl and lead to thousands of dollars in damage.
  2. Safe, easy & effective. No measuring, no splashing, no mess. No need to fight with a disgusting toilet auger or plunger!
  3. Sink and Drain Cleaner is made of a non-corrosive formula that’s safe on septic systems. It won’t harm your drains, pipes or septic system.
  4. Wide Applications: kitchen water pipes, toilets, bathrooms, floor drains, oil clogging, sewage immersed pipes, and other drainage pipes.
  5. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service, please feel free to contact us if you have any question before or after purchasing, our customer service is ready for you at any time.
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Based on 64 reviews

64 reviews for Powerful Drain Blockage Cleaner Sink Cleaner Powder (KDB-2260907)

  1. Muskan sahu

    Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone dealing with a stubborn drain blockage.

    Is it helpful?
  2. M K Yadav

    It worked well for small blockages, but not for more severe ones.

    Is it helpful?
  3. Sagar Rajput

    I had to use a lot of product to see any results.

    Is it helpful?
  4. Kundan Kumar

    Overall, I’m satisfied with the product and will continue to use it for regular maintenance.

    Is it helpful?
  5. Azij

    formula makes it easy to store and use whenever needed.

    Is it helpful?
  6. Pravesh Kumar

    I’ve tried so many different drain cleaners, and this one is by far the most effective.

    Is it helpful?
  7. Sandeep

    formula was easy to use and didn’t create a mess.

    Is it helpful?
  8. Shivam Bhoyar

    It worked well to clear my sink, but required multiple applications.

    Is it helpful?
  9. Punam kumar Sena bhai

    I appreciate that it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

    Is it helpful?
  10. Anil bunkar

    I had to use quite a bit of the powder to see results, but it eventually worked.

    Is it helpful?
  11. Virendra Jadhav

    It’s great for maintaining clean drains and preventing future blockages.

    Is it helpful?
  12. Avinash

    I love that it’s safe for septic systems and won’t harm the environment.

    Is it helpful?
  13. Pawan Saini

    It’s effective for both kitchen and bathroom sinks, as well as shower drains.

    Is it helpful?
  14. Amrat Bajwa

    It’s a great way to avoid using harsh chemicals and maintain a healthy home environment.

    Is it helpful?
  15. Deepa

    was difficult to use and didn’t dissolve well in water.

    Is it helpful?
  16. Aakil

    It’s a bit pricier than other drain cleaners I’ve used, but worth it for the effectiveness.

    Is it helpful?
  17. Mukesh Kumar

    It’s not an immediate fix, but it worked within a few hours for me.

    Is it helpful?
  18. Goldi gupta

    This is hands down the best drain cleaner I’ve ever used!

    Is it helpful?
  19. Bharat Vitthaldas patel

    The cleaner works so quickly that I didn’t have to wait long to use my sink again.

    Is it helpful?
  20. Mangta ram

    It’s great for removing foul odors from drains, too.

    Is it helpful?
  21. Vipin singh

    It cleared my clogged sink in no time, I couldn’t believe how fast it worked.

    Is it helpful?
  22. Deepak

    I was hesitant to try a powder drain cleaner, but this one worked well for me.

    Is it helpful?
  23. Omkar Mishra

    left a residue in my sink that was difficult to clean.

    Is it helpful?
  24. Naseeb

    It’s great for keeping drains running smoothly even in high-traffic areas.

    Is it helpful?
  25. Kadir

    It’s a bit pricey for the amount of product you receive.

    Is it helpful?
  26. Manish Gupta

    I’ve recommended this product to all my friends and family, it’s that good!

    Is it helpful?
  27. Rishikesh jadhav

    I’ve saved so much money by using this product instead of calling a plumber.

    Is it helpful?
  28. Jafruddin

    It’s a powerful cleaner, but the smell is quite strong.

    Is it helpful?
  29. Omdutt

    It worked to clear my sink, but not as effectively as I hoped.

    Is it helpful?
  30. Jadav Kishan

    I appreciate that it’s made in the USA and supports a small business.

    Is it helpful?
  31. Shabaz Khan

    I was skeptical at first, but this product truly works wonders.

    Is it helpful?
  32. Vipin Bhati

    I appreciate that it’s non-toxic and won’t harm the water supply.

    Is it helpful?
  33. Bablu

    I’ve recommended it to friends and family who have also had success with it.

    Is it helpful?
  34. Himanshu

    The smell was quite strong and lingered for a while.

    Is it helpful?
  35. Boby diwakar

    formula makes it easy to apply and doesn’t create a mess.

    Is it helpful?
  36. Mohd Zamil

    This cleaner is a game-changer for anyone dealing with a stubborn clog.

    Is it helpful?
  37. Vivek Singh

    It’s a bit inconvenient to wait for the powder to dissolve before using, but it’s worth it.

    Is it helpful?
  38. Nitin Bhai

    I’m so impressed with this product, it exceeded my expectations.

    Is it helpful?
  39. Yusuf Rana

    It didn’t work as quickly as I expected, and required multiple applications.

    Is it helpful?
  40. Suraj

    It’s a great alternative to liquid drain cleaners that can be messy.

    Is it helpful?
  41. Pranjal

    I’ve recommended this product to my landlord and they’ve started using it in all of their rental properties.

    Is it helpful?
  42. Yogesh

    I love that it’s a natural solution to a common household problem.

    Is it helpful?
  43. Kesar ram

    It’s a great alternative to harsh chemicals that can damage pipes and the environment.

    Is it helpful?
  44. Aaditya

    The cleaner has a pleasant scent, but still strong enough to be effective.

    Is it helpful?
  45. Gaurav

    I love that it’s safe to use around pets and children.

    Is it helpful?
  46. Aajad khan

    It’s so easy to use, just pour it in and let it work its magic.

    Is it helpful?
  47. Ramkumar

    I love that it’s powerful yet safe for all types of pipes.

    Is it helpful?
  48. Kaleem Khan

    It’s effective for smaller blockages, but may not work for more severe ones.

    Is it helpful?
  49. Mukesh chauhan

    It’s a must-have for anyone dealing with frequent drain blockages.

    Is it helpful?
  50. Ganya vishnu

    This product is a no-brainer for anyone dealing with frequent drain blockages.

    Is it helpful?
  51. Saki

    The cleaner is so effective that I only need to use it once every few months.

    Is it helpful?
  52. Sumit Garg

    The cleaner has a fresh, clean scent that isn’t overwhelming.

    Is it helpful?
  53. Deepak

    formula is so convenient and mess-free, I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner.

    Is it helpful?
  54. Ram kumawat

    It’s great for preventing future blockages and maintaining clean drains.

    Is it helpful?
  55. Rohit Swami

    formula makes it easy to target specific areas of the drain.

    Is it helpful?