1) Can I leave onion oil on my hair overnight?

A. Yes, onion oil can be kept on your hair overnight, just make sure to cover your head with a shower cap to avoid staining your pillows. The smell of homemade onion oil can stay on fabric even after washing. So make sure to add a couple of drops of lemon juice to the washing load of clothing/bedding that did get onion oil on it.

2) How often can I use onion oil on my hair?

A. An onion oil treatment can be used on your hair once or twice a week, never more than that. This is because, if overdone, the high sulfur content of onions can sensitise your scalp to other hair products, sometimes even causing irritation and itchiness.

3) Can onion oil cause hair fall?

A. Onion oil does not directly lead to hair loss, as the nutrients present in it can help boost blood circulation on your scalp and improve hair growth. Any hair loss associated with the use of onion oil is because overdoing head massages with onion oil can lead to scalp infections. This, in turn, causes hair loss in some people.