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Rectangle Baby Tub Bed With A Heart Pillow

  • Package Contains: It has 1 Piece of Baby Bed With A Pillow
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Fabric: Cotton Dimension: Bed Size: (46x36x5) inches
  • Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1
  • Weight: 1500

About this item:

  • We Believe Safety Is Most Priority for Your Baby: This baby bed is made with breathable and soft Cotton material Also it’s Filled with virgin INDIAN reputed brand make R-Recron Fibers to give safe comfy time to your baby.
  • Luxury Comfortable: Super soft materials and cushioned Border edges give a relaxing time in this baby bed set.
  • Attractive Design: Choose for your loved one or Gift to your family one.
  • Storage: Fold the baby bed as it’s a super soft material, It will get compact and occupy less space.
  • Side Borders: Large Soft Make side border inside the infant bed acts as a safety barrier for the baby even it’s play move during sleep.

Rectangle Baby Tub Bed With A Heart Pillow Pink And Red 4 scaled

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Based on 68 reviews

68 reviews for Rectangle Baby Tub Bed With A Heart Pillow (Pink And Blue) (KDB-2382188)

  1. Vineet Pratik

    size and shape of this tub bed make it easy to use and maneuver

    Is it helpful?
  2. Rahul Khemka

    seems to really enjoy bath time now that they have this tub bed

    Is it helpful?
  3. Lingam Koyyada

    is so comfortable in this tub bed, they even fall asleep sometimes!

    Is it helpful?
  4. Yogender Singh Bhati

    size is perfect for our small bathroom, but it might not work for larger spaces

    Is it helpful?
  5. Shabir ahmad Yatoo

    We’ve recommended this tub bed to all of our friends with babies!

    Is it helpful?
  6. Satish Manjhi

    Overall, we’re happy with this baby tub bed, but there’s definitely room for improvement

    Is it helpful?
  7. s satish

    pillows provide great support and prevent our baby from slipping

    Is it helpful?
  8. Aashiq Wani

    toy is cute, but it’s not the highest quality

    Is it helpful?
  9. Konadasekharreddy

    using this tub bed for a few weeks now and have no complaints!

    Is it helpful?
  10. Sunil Kumar

    toy that comes with it is a nice touch, but our baby doesn’t seem too interested

    Is it helpful?
  11. Naimish patel

    looks so comfortable and happy in this tub bed

    Is it helpful?
  12. Rahul Ladkar

    set of pillows makes it easy to position our baby in a comfortable and safe position

    Is it helpful?
  13. Rajanikanta Mishra

    material is easy to clean, but it does get stained pretty easily

    Is it helpful?
  14. Ravi Soni

    design is simple and practical, but not particularly stylish

    Is it helpful?
  15. Sunil Sharma

    material is durable and built to last, which is important for a baby product

    Is it helpful?
  16. Ankit

    price is reasonable, but we wish it came with a few more features

    Is it helpful?
  17. Gita Pati

    pillows are easy to adjust and customize for our baby’s comfort

    Is it helpful?
  18. Ranjana Gupta

    pillows do help prevent our baby from slipping, but we still have to be careful

    Is it helpful?
  19. Sakir Shaik

    material is soft and gentle on our baby’s delicate skin

    Is it helpful?
  20. Kafil Kafil

    set of pillows is helpful, but they don’t stay in place perfectly

    Is it helpful?
  21. Daku

    material is decent, but it could be softer for a baby’s sensitive skin

    Is it helpful?
  22. Sandeep Varfe

    toy is a nice addition, but it’s not very durable

    Is it helpful?
  23. Sunil

    price is reasonable for such a high-quality product

    Is it helpful?
  24. Avnish

    pillows are helpful for positioning our baby during bath time, but they can be a bit awkward to use

    Is it helpful?
  25. Arun Singh Professional

    doesn’t love bath time any more than they did before, but the tub bed does make it easier for us

    Is it helpful?
  26. Raj Bahadur

    okay, but the pillows don’t stay in place very well

    Is it helpful?
  27. Arshad Ali

    pillows are helpful, but they take up a lot of space in the tub

    Is it helpful?
  28. Kartik Patel

    toy is a great distraction and keeps our baby entertained during bath time

    Is it helpful?
  29. Ganesh

    design is sleek and modern, and looks great in our bathroom

    Is it helpful?
  30. Navendu Chauhan

    loves playing with the toy that comes with this tub bed

    Is it helpful?
  31. Anjubala Dash

    material feels durable, but we’ve only been using it for a few weeks so it’s hard to say for sure

    Is it helpful?
  32. Prem Sharma

    set of pillows provides great support and makes bath time less stressful for everyone

    Is it helpful?
  33. Salema Banu

    a good idea, but we found it difficult to use with our wiggly baby

    Is it helpful?
  34. Rohit Bhue

    highly recommend this product to any new parent

    Is it helpful?
  35. Amit Tambe

    a game changer – bath time is now stress-free!

    Is it helpful?
  36. Shatrudhan kumar

    seems comfortable in this tub bed, but it could use more padding

    Is it helpful?
  37. Sajan Ali

    toy is a nice distraction, but we have to be careful not to let it get moldy

    Is it helpful?
  38. Rahul

    pillows are firm enough to provide support, but not too hard for our baby

    Is it helpful?
  39. Bhupinder Singh

    baby amazing – perfect for bath time!

    Is it helpful?
  40. Mandeep Bhangali

    is a must-have for any new parent – we couldn’t imagine bath time without it

    Is it helpful?
  41. Javid Waza

    baby great, but it could be a bit bigger

    Is it helpful?
  42. Prakash

    design is cute and stylish, and fits in with our bathroom decor

    Is it helpful?

    pillows are soft and provide decent support, but they could be a bit firmer

    Is it helpful?
  44. Mathew

    easy to clean, but it doesn’t seem very sturdy

    Is it helpful?
  45. Ibrahim Khan

    appreciate how versatile this – it can be used in a variety of settings

    Is it helpful?
  46. Ambresh Kumar Tiwari

    seems to like the tub bed, but they still cry during bath time sometimes

    Is it helpful?
  47. VASEEM

    toy is a nice distraction and keeps our baby entertained while we wash them

    Is it helpful?
  48. Amir Ansari

    feel confident and safe using this tub bed with our baby

    Is it helpful?
  49. Shanwaz Khan

    size is just right for our baby, but we’re not sure how long it will last as they grow

    Is it helpful?
  50. Sahid

    pillows are comfortable, but they don’t provide as much support as we had hoped

    Is it helpful?
  51. Vimalesh Singh

    pillows are easy to remove and wash, which is a huge plus

    Is it helpful?
  52. Prakash

    size is good for now, but we’ll probably have to upgrade to a larger tub soon

    Is it helpful?
  53. pradeep sharma

    set of pillows really sets this product apart from other baby bath tubs

    Is it helpful?
  54. Christopher Baskey

    material is high quality and feels sturdy

    Is it helpful?
  55. Prabhu Soni

    love the set of 5 pillows – they provide great neck and side support

    Is it helpful?
  56. Solanki Jayendra bhai

    is the perfect solution for parents who don’t have a bathtub at home

    Is it helpful?