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Silicone U Shaped Toothbrush for Kids, Head 360 Degree Cleansing U Shaped Toothbrush

Toothbrush- U Shape Portable Baby Silicone Teeth Brush Clean (Assorted Color)

Package Contains: It has 1 or 2 Pieces of Toothbrush for Kids

Age Group: 2-6 years old

Material: Plastic & Silicone

Color: Colour as per availability



The product adopts U-shaped soft rubber brush head, smart teeth cleaning, safer and more assured.

Using high-permeability food-grade silica gel, good quality “permeable”, does not contain BPA control products from the source, refuses to recycle materials, only for the health of the baby.

Round and comfortable handle, twist and twist-you can brush your teeth in just one turn.

Usage: Brush twice a day, it is recommended to replace the toothbrush every 1-2 months

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Material: Made of high quality silica gel, which’s healthy and durable, non-toxic, safety and practical.Soft & safe silicone , no special smell, Our soft silicone brush head is resistant to high temperatures and can be disinfected at normal times. children feels more healthy.

Design: the lovely toothbrush handle the is made of quality plastic, strong and durable; It can be firmly grasped when brushing teeth, and is designed in a proper size for kids’ hands.

For children’s tender gums and sensitive teeth. Ergonomic U-shaped brush head, suitable for the shape and mechanics of children’s teeth structure.

Baby u shaped toothbrush aids in cleaning teeth with fun characters to make lifelong healthy habits easier.Our toothbrushes are cute and interesting looking to make kids more interested in brushing teeth. This helps your kids be ready to brush for longer periods of time while still developing healthy brushing habits.




Silicone U Shaped Toothbrush for Kids, Head 360 Degree Cleansing U Shaped Toothbrush Silicone U Shaped Toothbrush f...
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