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Soap Drainer for Bathroom, Easy Clothes Washier, Soap Cleaning Storage Foaming Box, Soap Box with Bubbler, Transparent Soap Tray Soap Saver Box Case for Bathroom, Camping, Gym, Business Trip 1pcs

Solve the problem: Use this soap box to prevent the soap from slipping out of your hand. The roller lathers and spreads the soap evenly over the clothes.

Keep clean: Multi-function soap bubble box, quick drain, keep the table clean. Cleaning and storage integrated design, no need to take out the box of soap, just turn the soft rubber roller rub, will produce a lot of rich dense foam.


Exclusive design: hollow bottom design, ventilation drainage, sanitation. The inner spring has high elasticity and high shrinkage design, so the soap can be placed on the soft rubber roller at any time.

Perfect size: silicone soap box measures about 2.6×2.8×4.8IN and is suitable for most soaps. 2 in 1 washing and storage in one, fast lathering, multi-functional soap foam box.


Soap Drainer for Bathroom Easy Clothes Washier Soap Cleaning Storage Foaming Box Soap Box with Bubbler Transparent Soap Tray Soap Saver Box Case for Bathroom Camping Gym Business Trip 1pcs Soap Drainer for Bathroom, Eas...