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Sweat Belt – Hot Body Shaper Belly Fat Burner – Sweat Belt for Men and Women (Free Size Black Color)


Hot Shaper Sweat Belt provide instant abdominal compression and lumbar support. Heat up your core abdominal area making you sweat more while performing your daily activities. There are no sweat belt side effects and anyone can use it safely.

Comfortable fit and light weight daily wear belt providing slim body shape all day long. Gives you a new lean and flat look instantly just by wearing this slimming belt under your clothes.

Adjustable and stretchable neoprene. Give back support while exercising.

2. Eurosport Sweat Belt is perfect for all kinds of workout, sweat belt for weight loss is very effective
3. Lose that belly fat fast with sauna effect by preserving body heat and removes toxins and excess water quicker

Sweat Belt - Hot Body Shaper Belly Fat Burner For Men & Women

Healthy Sweat Weight Loss – Does sweating belt work?

  • Slim belt Made of a flexible and elastic neoprene material the waist belt flexes and expands to give you continuous compression and great lumbar support and does not restrict or hinder movement.
  • Promotes focused heat build-up, increased blood flow and heat retention in your focused core waist region during exercise, workout or your daily chores.
  • This heat generation in your core area promotes weight loss by increased sweating and water weight loss during exercise and workout routines.
  • Slimming Shaping Self-heating Slimming Belt Body Shaper, Lose Weight , Helps To Eliminate Water , Fat And Cellulite, Burn Calories While You Exercise
  • Improve Your Overall Health And Well Being. Increase Your Core Body Temperature


Why Choose the StayHit Sweat Belt?

  • Our Sweat Belt is made to help you burn fat FASTER. It helps in weight loss and specially designed, to increase core temperature during workouts to provide more effective results from exercising.
  • Experience the next level of fitness! This easy-to-use waist trimmer retains heat in your core area, increases your sweat levels and allows you to lose weight.
  • The compression of the trimmer provides extra support for your lower back and helps you exercise safe lifting techniques.
  • Vantage sweat slim belt is made out of neoprene material and contoured to comfortably fit around your waist, experience sweet high flexibility and support during your workouts.
  • They are naturally flexible and fit to any shape and size.
  • Special neotex material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat so you’re always dry on the outside.

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Belly Shaper For Women & Men – Once You Wear This Tummy Belt For It Will Instantly Make Your Tummy In Shape But If You Wear It Regularly It Will Help You To Burn Extra Unhealthy Fat From The Tummy Hence Tummy Will Automatically Come In Shape. Sweat belt use is very easy and anyone can easily wear it.

Different Sizes, Choose Your Perfect Size – Boldfit Tummy Shaper Sweat Belt Comes In Different Sizes Which Are M, Xl, 2xl-3xl,4xl So Choose Your Perfect Sizes. This Tummy Shaper Is Can Be Used By Men Women Girls Boys All Can Use While Doing Exercise, Gym Workout Or Doing Any Day To Day Activity

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sweat Belt

Q. What are the benefits of a sweat belt? (Sweat belt ke fayde)


1. Improved Posture
When you work out or sitting at your desk wearing that belt of yours, your posture is getting improved. Wearing a belt will help you sit straighter and lead to improved posture. According to, back support and improved posture are essential for reducing episodes of back and neck pain.

2. Improved Self Confidence
With the use of a slimming belt, you may experience an improvement immediately which will give your self-confidence a boost. With this improved self-confidence, you may feel the motivation to work harder in order to achieve your maximum weight loss.

Q. Is sweat slim belt harmful? (Sweat Belt Review) – Side Effects of Sweat Belt

A. There can be different side-effects of slimming belts like skin rashes and skin burns are quite common but it can be avoided by using sweat belt for proper timing.

Q. How many hours should you wear a sweat belt?

A. The Belt should only be worn during exercise for no more than 2-3 hrs at a time. Before you begin exercising, adjust your Belt to desired position and wrap it comfortably around your abdomen. The Belt should be worn under your clothing.

Q. Has anyone benefitted yet with slim belts?

A. It will definitely vary from person to person. Although there can be a temporary reduction in waist inches by using slimming belts, it won’t sustain if you do not follow any good diet and exercise routine.


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Based on 109 reviews

109 reviews for Sweat Belt Hot Body Shaper Belly Fat Burner For Men & Women (KDB-1056965)

  1. Brototi Banerjee

    Excellent item.

    Is it helpful?
  2. Shweta Arora

    It’s worth buying it. It gives you a perfect shape..It’s very light in weight.

    Is it helpful?
  3. Anubhav

    Nice fitting and very comfortable

    Is it helpful?
  4. Shakti

    The product is good but It started reacting to my skin, so, I washed it and gave to my wife. She has no such problems, maybe my skin type react to the material

    Is it helpful?
  5. Ritesh Gurjar

    It’s really comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time.
    I suggest this to all those who want to lose weight…If you don’t have a lot of time to workout!

    Is it helpful?
  6. Ritesh Jain

    Product is really worthy to use as very much comfort for the body and quality wise it is very amazing.

    Is it helpful?
  7. Ankit mann

    The shape of this tummy shaper is perfect and there is no stretch in it which I usually see in most of the shapers.loved it highly recommended.

    Is it helpful?
  8. Kanu Pathania

    Comfortable and easy to wear. Strechable with good finishing. Me and husband use it.
    It’s good to all females who have belly fat. Good for fat loss at tummy region.

    Is it helpful?
  9. Dipak J.

    Sorry product is very poor in quality !!

    Is it helpful?
  10. Firoj

    Awesome product…perfectly fits….Size as expected

    Is it helpful?
  11. Pratik

    Best Product. Must buy. value for money.

    Is it helpful?
  12. Srija

    While using this I’m feeling some comfortable with my belly. It’s not too shaky. Because while I’m walking my belly used to shake. sometimes if I walk faster it will hurt too. Now I don’t have such a problem and fear. It’s giving some pressure to our belly and keeping it fit. I think if I use this continuously my belly will be fit in its normal position.

    Is it helpful?
  13. Abhishek

    I like this product. Value for money .

    Is it helpful?
  14. Anil Sai

    Product is very good there is no remark in the quality,comfort,looks

    Is it helpful?
  15. Amish B.

    I have ordered this tummy shaper for my mom and within 10 – 15 she is getting results and she is loosing her tummy fat, good product for tummy and love handle to get slim ,you should buy it.

    Is it helpful?
  16. Sheetal

    I wore it around the house for a couple of hours and it was sweaty when I took it off. I can hardly wait to workout in it!

    Is it helpful?
  17. Simmi

    I’ve just purchased this and so far it’s good! I’m just wondering if I should’ve ordered one size smaller. Having said that, the fit is snug enough and I wear it for around 2-3 hours daily even while exercising. Too soon to say if it’s beneficial for my posture and waist.

    Is it helpful?
  18. Ibrahim

    Very useful and very comfy in day-to-day life

    Is it helpful?
  19. Chhaya

    Material is soft and stretchable

    Is it helpful?
  20. Jatin Ahuja

    Fast delivery and authentic product from boldfit, packing is so good ,worth purchasing

    Is it helpful?
  21. Aastha Jain

    It’s very comfortable and provides relief also to body. It is a durable product. It’s fitting is also nice. Product quality is also nice. It is a really worthy product.

    Is it helpful?
  22. Siby Varghese

    Good Product, Worth Money

    Is it helpful?
  23. Archin

    The fabric is super comfortable and it does the work perfectly well

    Is it helpful?
  24. Chankesh Rao

    Quality is very good and comfortable to wear. Fit as expected

    Is it helpful?
  25. Rageshwari Sarkar

    This sweat belt fits to my body so well and it is very soft to wear. I wear it to gym and it sweats my tummy pretty well. It is so comfortable to and I dont feel suffocated when Im wearing it. Its a good purchase for me. Recommend this already.

    Is it helpful?
  26. akshat

    when i use this product i am looking slim and when i wear this its more comfortable and its flexibility is also gud

    Is it helpful?
  27. Sooraj Rai

    This product very easy useful and comfortable…

    Is it helpful?
  28. Saptarshi Roy

    Awasome product, it’s really fits in my waist and quality is very good. I really like it.

    Is it helpful?
  29. Ameen Siddique

    Fabric and texture both are good quality, value for money

    Is it helpful?
  30. Binay Kumar

    Not up to the mark

    Is it helpful?
  31. Nishit Soni

    This sweat belt fits to my body so well and it is very soft to wear. I wear it to gym and it sweats my tummy pretty well.I think if I use this continuously my belly will be fit in its normal position. Highly recommended.

    Is it helpful?
  32. Wajid

    Best of your tummy

    Is it helpful?
  33. Paritosh Ramarya

    Best quality material, value for money. Size is exactly the same as mentioned. Don’t waste your money in those cheap belts.

    Is it helpful?
  34. Manish

    Nice product with good quality

    Is it helpful?
  35. Aaroshi Nikam

    The I have ordered this product Quality of the product is very very good, but my concern is my waist size is 30 and i have ordered L size which is not tight i feel like me like i am wearing a hight waist jeans, do i neet to change my belt size to small???

    Is it helpful?
  36. Ankit Singh

    It’s really comfortable and you can wear it and do your all household work easily….
    You will not feel like you have wear something extra….
    Really comfortable and good to loose belly fat

    Is it helpful?
  37. Chetan Punj

    Great product best, a Must Have and a great deal at an affordable price…

    Is it helpful?
  38. Doren S.

    Not worth enough

    Is it helpful?
  39. Asma

    I found it satisfactory.I had bought the product to reduce my belly fat but I don’t think it works for it

    Is it helpful?
  40. Darsh Mehta

    This tummy shaper by boldfit is worth buying for good posture and belly fat !! Using by three weeks feels very flexible and soft with your body !! Super good fit and quality along with good packaging and price !! Regular use of this will be beneficial for the purpose of the product !!

    Is it helpful?
  41. Barkha

    One more time I have ordered same what i purchased before cridit goes to best product

    Is it helpful?
  42. Rajan Baidwan

    Bought it after seeing all the reviews and ratings and it is really useful. It is going to be a function at my home, so bought it for me and my brother and we liked it alot. It really helps shape the stomach, looks flat. Can be worn with any type of clothing. Makes you eat less. My mom like it as well and she wants it too

    Is it helpful?
  43. Kuldeep yadav

    I am using this tummy shaper , amazing product ,good quality , lose weight faster , easy to use , black colour , increase ab and back support , I like it .

    Is it helpful?
  44. Shreya kishore

    Body Shaper Sweat Belt or Stomach Fitness Belt for Exercise & Workout . it reduces the size of the tummy and waist very rapidly .

    Is it helpful?
  45. Deepa

    I like it soft and comfortable to wear it’s very good product to buy.

    Is it helpful?
  46. Janki marwadi

    This is very good belt i love this

    Is it helpful?
  47. Surabhi

    It makes u feel in shape and very easy to wear
    Strachable to adjst according to ur weight

    Is it helpful?
  48. Shraddha Rajesh Makar

    It’s good
    And helful for fitness

    Is it helpful?
  49. srikanth

    Comfort fit proper

    Is it helpful?
  50. Sushma vishwakarma

    this belt firs perfectly and due to its thinness its flexible and i can easily walk or do my everydag chores. unlinkw other thick belts this is easy to carry

    Is it helpful?
  51. Farha nehal

    Nice ??

    Is it helpful?
  52. B.pawanireddy

    It feels comfortable nd i recommend to go purchase this🖤…

    Is it helpful?
  53. Ahmed

    Post pregnancy it works well to reduce tummy. Works well for me. Good product…

    Is it helpful?