Varnam Attractive Printed Vichitra Silk Sarees

  • Package Contains: 1 piece of Saree with 1 piece of Blouse piece
  • Sarees Fabric: Vichitra Silk
  • Saree Work: Printed
  • Blouse Fabric: Vichitra Silk
  • Blouse Work: Printed
  • Saree Length: 5.5
  • Saree Blouse Length: 0.8
  • Highly recommended for weddings, rituals, special occasions and parties, good quality silk sarees are irreplaceable, in terms of ease of draping, pleating and comfort.
  • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only. The saree is recommended to be hand washed which helps to keep the fabric soft & bright for a long time.

★ Beautiful Flair : –

✔ The Saree features a beautiful flair and has a beautiful pattern around the outfit. This gives the garment a contemporary look and feel.

Fashion Tip : –

✔ Pair this Saree with a pair of stylish heels and a matching clutch for a complete casual look for a casual event, a party or an evening with friends.

✔ To get on with the ever-changing fashion priorities of Indian women, we offer new styles and designs every season categorized for spring-summer, monsoon-festive and winter seasons.

✔ Taking inspiration from the latest International trends and adapting it as per the local palate, designers are always on the go to add new silhouettes and styles acceptable to the modern Indian woman.

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Care Instructions


  • In dry-cleaning, fluids are used to remove stains from the fabric.
  • The fluids contain little or no water and do not penetrate the Fabric as water does.
  • Dry-cleaning is the best way to care for Art silk saree since the solvents used do not affect silk.


  • While pressing, keep the iron in medium heat only.
  • Press Saree Fabric while it is still damp with a warm iron, or use a steam iron.

Packing / Placement

  • The saree should be stored in a cool, dry place.
  • Unfold your silk sarees and change the folding preferably every month.

Wearing Silk Saree

  • At functions, pin up the tip of the saree and let the rest fall on your hand for a graceful look.
  • The pleats should be carefully pressed and shaped while draping.



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Varnam Attractive Printed Vichitra Silk Sarees Varnam Attractive Printed Vich...


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