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PARK DANIEL Under Eye Serum & Vitamin C Facial Serum – For Skin Brightening Combo Set of 2 Bottles of 30 ml(60 ml) (60 ml)

Seller: Sapphire Retails
Rejuvenate your stressed and tired under eye skin with Park Daniel Under Eye Serum. The serum molecules quickly penetrate the skin, leaving it hydrated without a greasy feeling. It seals moisture into the skin, providing fast relief from dryness, thereby slowing down wrinkling of the delicate skin around the eyes. Skin friendly nutrients nourish the skin, enabling it to retain its youthful texture and luster. Intense Hydration for Smoother Appearance Moisture lost from the delicate under eye skin is replenished by hyaluronic acid. It helps plump the stressed skin and delay appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The moisture content of the skin is further enhanced with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera soothes the skin and gives it a smoother appearance. Vitamins for Healthy Under Eye Skin Healthy skin appears supple and radiant naturally. Under Eye Serum boosts the skin health by nurturing it with vitamins B3,E and C. These vitamins are known for their anti-ageing activities. Vitamin B3 helps in retaining the natural hydration of the skin. Vitamin C inhibits collagen loss and lightens skin tone. Fruit Extracts for Lightening Dark Circles Lemon, orange, goji berry, mulberry, raspberry and strawberry are noted for their powerful skin lightening property. The vitamin C rich citrus fruit and berry extracts help in reducing dark circles and brighten the under eye skin. The antioxidant constituents of the fruit extracts further augment the benefits of the under eye serum. Green Tea Extract for Minimizing Fine Lines Rich in antioxidant compounds, green tea helps in maintaining the youthful texture of the skin. Its active constituents neutralize free radicals responsible for skin ageing. Green tea enriched under eye serum helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

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Based on 29 reviews

29 reviews for PARK DANIEL Under Eye Serum & Vitamin C Facial Serum – For Skin Brightening Combo Set of 2 Bottles of 30 ml(60 ml) (60 ml)

  1. Jugraj Singh

    I love that Face serum is made with organic ingredients and is environmentally friendly

  2. Praveen Kumar

    Face serum effectively removes dead skin cells, leaving my skin looking rejuvenated

  3. Ajay

    I love that Face serum is cruelty-free and not tested on animals

  4. Vinila Ruben Hiwale

    I’ve noticed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles since using Face serum

  5. Suhel

    I’ve noticed a reduction in blackheads and congestion since incorporating Face serum into my routine

  6. Rajendar

    I appreciate that Face serum is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin

  7. Sharmila

    The Vitamin C Face serum had a nice consistency, but it didn’t provide the deep exfoliation I was expecting

  8. Maganbhai

    Face serum has a pleasant scent and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin

  9. Prem Prakash

    I’ve noticed a reduction in dullness and an increase in radiance since adding Face serum to my skincare routine

  10. Satindr

    I found the texture of the Vitamin C Face serum to be too rough, causing some irritation on my skin

  11. Sudhir

    Face serum has a pleasant consistency and doesn’t leave any residue on my skin

  12. Mohammad Asif Khan

    Face serum has a luxurious feel and provides a spa-like experience at home

  13. Chauhan Rahul Arvindbhai

    Face serum did an average job at brightening my skin, but I didn’t see any major changes in my complexion

  14. Amarjeet

    My skin looks brighter and more radiant after using Face serum regularly

  15. Deepa verma

    My makeup goes on more smoothly and looks better after using Face serum

  16. Krishnakant

    My skin feels more balanced and less oily after using Face serum

  17. Abhi

    While the Vitamin C Face serum didn’t cause any adverse reactions, it also didn’t deliver the desired results for my skin

  18. Yashpal Sharma

    I felt that the Vitamin C Face serum left a slightly greasy residue on my skin, which I wasn’t a fan of

  19. Srujan

    My skin feels deeply cleansed and refreshed after using Face serum

  20. Raju

    Face serum doesn’t dry out my skin like other exfoliators I’ve tried

  21. Dharam singh

    My skin feels softer and smoother after using Face serum for a few weeks

  22. Rehaan Kalyani

    Face serum has helped fade my dark spots and hyperpigmentation

  23. Sunil kumar dhari

    I appreciate the affordable price point of Face serum without compromising on quality

  24. Sonu

    I enjoy the gentle exfoliation provided by Face serum without causing any irritation

  25. Paramjeet

    I didn’t notice any remarkable effects on my skin’s texture or tone after using the Vitamin C Face serum for a while

  26. Mohan Yadav

    I’ve received compliments on my glowing complexion since incorporating Face serum into my routine

  27. Mukesh Kumar Choudhary

    Face serum has a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin

  28. Sunil Kumar

    My skin feels refreshed and energized after using Face serum in the morning

  29. Saruchi Sharma

    Face serum has a pleasant, invigorating scent that wakes up my senses in the morning

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