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Wrist Wraps with Thumb Loop

  • In Package: 1 Pair of Wrist Wraps with Thumb Loop
  • Material: Polyester
  • Color: Colour as per availability
  • Combo/Set Of: Pack of 1

About this item

  • Package Content: This product include 1 pair of Wrist Support Band for weightlifting.
  • Design: These sleek wraps are designed to offer maximum comfort and support and won’t dig into your wrists.
  • Quality: Wrist brace wrap made with high quality flexible polyester fiber that allow wrists natural movement & absorbs excess moisture.
  • Protection: Whether you’re recovering from an injury or pushing yourself to the limit, the wraps will brace your wrists and protect from further injury.
  • Thumb Loop Design: Each pair of wrist wraps comes with thumb loop to help hold whilst wrapping. besides, the thumb loop design make the wrist wrap easier to wear.

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  • Are you wanting effective wrist support to enhance your workouts and training? If you are someone who enjoys working with the weights and pushing your limits these are the premium wrist support straps for you. Our wrist straps allow you to reach your maximum potential by ensuring that you have the best equipment. These exceptional wrist straps are an item that any serious athlete needs to have and comes complete with a thumb loop for added comfort and grip.


  • Provides compression and support for stiff, weak or injured wrists.
  • Eliminate most pain & discomfort by securing the wrist in a neutral position.
  • Reduces hand and wrist fatigue.
  • Great for Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting as well as any sport that requires your wrists!


  • Strong Velcro technology to stay in place during max effort lifts.
  • Premium Cotton and Superior Strength Elastic Material for Maximum Absorption and Support during lifts.
  • Flawless stitches and patterns offering durability and flexibility making it apt for work out.
  • One Size fit all – both Men and Women.


  • Color: Black, Red
  • Size: 18″ Inch
  • Material: Polyester Cotton


  • 1 Pair of Wrist Support Wrap
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85 reviews for Wrist Wraps with Thumb Loop (KDB-46905)

    December 22, 2022
    Value for money...👍
    December 16, 2022
    Perfect fit ❣️😍
    December 12, 2022
    It's good overall
    Anil Dahiya
    December 8, 2022
    Worth It!
    GULSHER Rana
    December 5, 2022
    Its good.
    Kanchan Kumar
    December 1, 2022
    Raju das
    November 20, 2022
    Really like the product worth the price
    sukhadev Singh
    November 16, 2022
    The product is strong but i would also recommend some soft material at the end so that it won't hurt your hand
    Vaibhav Singh
    November 15, 2022
    sudha rangamma
    November 9, 2022
    Suman Bharti
    October 31, 2022
    Riyaz khan
    October 26, 2022
    Mohit kumar
    October 23, 2022
    October 21, 2022
    Great wrist wrap to use. Provides exceptional support while heavy lifting and saves wrist from unwanted injuries. It in fact gave my wrist the necessary support and rest needed to alleviate the pain my wrist and forearm was suffering from. I used it yesterday for the first time and today morning the pain was gone. 😃
    Biswajit das
    October 18, 2022
    Good product just as mentioned at this price its a really good product. Really great for beginners and moderate workouts. Its not too hard so it doesn't hurt and won't sweat too much. It does the job perfectly
    October 17, 2022
    Value for money
    October 10, 2022
    Best quality in this price, easy to use, very helpful for gym lovers, if you are a gym lover must buy and try it.
    Pritiranjan Sahu
    October 9, 2022
    October 6, 2022
    Biswajit das
    October 6, 2022
    The product was awesome value for money packaging was not well overall nice to bye at this prize.
    Biswajit das
    October 5, 2022
    Awesome product
    Naveen Parmar
    October 3, 2022
    pramod kumar
    October 3, 2022
    Best support for heavy lifters
    Khaniya lala Lohar
    September 26, 2022
    Amazing Product
    September 17, 2022
    Amar Rana
    September 16, 2022
    Nice wrist supporter
    September 9, 2022
    Nice product
    Moti Singh Rajpurohit
    August 29, 2022
    Narender Singh
    August 21, 2022
    August 17, 2022
    satpal chauhan
    August 12, 2022
    Very Good product
    August 8, 2022
    Not good and average product
    August 7, 2022
    Just okay
    Salim khan
    August 3, 2022
    Adil dar
    July 30, 2022
    Good product
    July 23, 2022
    July 16, 2022
    Ramesh Singh
    July 14, 2022
    jaydipsinh zala
    June 17, 2022
    For beginners thats a great choice
    suresh kumar bhogala
    June 16, 2022
    June 10, 2022
    They are of really good quality. they help during workouts alot like when u wear these it takes the strain off ur wrists and takes all that exercise .
    June 6, 2022
    Excellent product ❣️
    May 31, 2022
    Helps to reduce wrist pain really
    द्र कुमार यादव
    May 22, 2022
    value of money 💰
    Soyeb Diwan
    May 17, 2022
    Good ha ji
    Korra Ramlal
    May 10, 2022
    Suraj sha
    May 9, 2022
    Its good. just little bit large in size
    Prashant More
    April 22, 2022
    April 21, 2022
    Such a great product and has a good durability
    Chanchal Kashyap
    April 19, 2022
    It's more than good, quality is good I will prefer this. I am using this from long time and it's still same like new. go for it guys without any doubt.
    basudew kumar
    April 14, 2022
    Issac Daimari
    April 10, 2022
    Vinit Nagar
    April 7, 2022
    Md Aftab
    April 5, 2022
    March 30, 2022
    Quality product
    Archna hanmant bandgar
    March 26, 2022
    It's so good.... Comfortable and good quality too...
    Anamika Rai
    March 13, 2022
    March 8, 2022
    It's comfy to wear
    March 7, 2022
    Sarita Kandari
    March 4, 2022
    March 1, 2022
    Much needed product
    Sachin Yadav
    February 20, 2022
    February 17, 2022
    Shiva Ramakrishna
    February 10, 2022
    Raju Das
    February 9, 2022
    Biswajit das
    January 26, 2022
    It's good for both beginners and mid level gym enthusiast. Perfect fit and comfortable while wearing.
    January 25, 2022
    Abhishek Mathur
    January 20, 2022
    Very useful for beginners
    January 12, 2022
    Amazing product you should give it a try!
    January 3, 2022
    December 22, 2021
    December 21, 2021
    loganathan logu
    December 14, 2021
    Devendra Kumar
    December 8, 2021
    Rahul Solanki
    October 4, 2021
    Badveli sudeesh
    September 26, 2021
    Srikanth Gurram
    September 25, 2021
    Manoj Choudhary
    August 30, 2021
    August 2, 2021
    Ashok bhai Variya
    July 24, 2021
    Martyn Jacob
    July 21, 2021
    Rohit Ahirwar
    June 1, 2021
    May 22, 2021
    Pankaj Padher
    April 14, 2021
    Shivani Sharma
    March 1, 2021

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