Earrings to match her Luxurious Style

What Earrings will match her style

Earrings make an excellent, stunning and memorable gift for any occasion, whether it’s your best friend’s birthday, your anniversary, Christmas or any special occasion. Earrings are one of the very personal things for women. She attaches her sentiments and memories with it. That is why choosing the right earring is also necessary. To ensure you choose the right gift for your loved ones we have put together an earrings gift guide with best online deals updated every day.

Earrings come in different styles. What type of earrings will match her lifestyle?

Stud – These are the most popular earring choices for men, women and even kids. Studs are highly versatile and go well with every face type. Studs even go well with every type of clothes, be it a gown or a T-shirt.

Hoops – Hoop Earrings are classic. Their versatile design makes them a perfect accessory that can be worn day to night. Hoop earrings are circular in shape and can be made of gold or silver, decorated with gemstones, pearls or diamonds. They come in different sizes from small hoops to big and bold hoops.

Drop – Unlike hoop earrings, Drop earrings come in different sizes from short to shoulder size. They are embedded with precious metal stones, diamonds, pearls or beads.

Chandelier – Chandelier earrings add drama and elegance to the outfit. They are a type of drop earrings consisting of ornate tiers.

Also keep in mind the jewelry she already owns. Gift her something that she doesn’t have in her collection. This will make your gift unique and memorable. Finally, make sure your earrings are wrapped in an elegant way, making this the perfect gift for someone you love.

How do I buy earrings for women?

According to Sushmita, studied at Don Bosco Academy, Patna:

“That’s is no tough task.

You just need to observe and know the taste of that person. I mean, try to figure out what style she likes when choosing jewellery. It can be simple, funky, trendy, bohemian, and so on.

There are varieties available in the market to choose from. From simple studs and hoops to fancy yet trendy chandbalis, pompom earrings, bohemian earrings and what not.

They are all easily available at many online stores.

If you personally ask me about what do I like, being an Indian, I love wearing chandbalis to any and every occasions!”

Why do people wear earrings?

As per Lori Guillory: “Earrings can completely change your image. With their help it’s possible to favorably emphasize your outfit, skin tone, or face shape. They also make you more noticeable and expressive. Earrings can make a woman look sexy or extravagant.”

Earrings, being one of the shringaar speaking in traditional terms, is also an identity of womanhood. Just like clothes maketh a man, earrings are an additional piece worn by women to bring out the grace, the beauty, the elegant look within her.

It makes her look divine and tender. Hence to enhance her beauty and cherish her womanhood, she wears earrings.

It makes you stand out of the crowd grabbing everyones attention, specially men.

Which type of earrings are more popular these days?


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Definitely hoop earrings if only girls. They’re worn by all ages and race. It’s no longer has the “trashy” reputation as before, just maybe slightly due to past stigma. It tends to complement a non-circular face like rectangular or pentagon like a heart shape. Very few people have round faces, as usually strong cheekbones or a defined jawline makes it no longer round. Hoop earrings tend to look great on just about everyone.

A lot of baby-faced, round-faced people don’t really wear them though, as their face is already round like the hoop earrings, so it doesn’t complement them as much. I have yet to see a baby-faced Japanese girl wear hoop earrings. It’s usually the more mature-looking Japanese girls that wear them. However, this “mature look” can be seen in 13 year old girls as well as long as they lost all their baby fat.

This is why hoop earrings are so versatile. I’m not saying people with circular faces can’t wear them, but it’s just my preference and fashion biology theories.

Stud earrings if both guys and girls. It’s a way to up your masculinity in your face if you feel like you look too baby-like. A dot on your ear makes your ear less smooth, so it’s kind of like a masculine trait like strong cheekbones and jawlines making your face less smooth.

I seen this worn in a lot of young men as well as pre-teen girls who want to look more masculine, probably. It’s still worn in many people though. Most young guys end up looking badass or hip, hence “bad boy” but that reputation has been less stereotyped as of recent because people are accepting it more.

Why is it necessary for girls to wear earrings?

No, Not at all, it is not necessary to wear earrings for girls. Every girl has its own choice. Some girls like to wear earrings every time but some girls does not.

Earring is also a part of fashion. There is no problem, wearing it or not wearing it.

Earrings actually have a very beneficial function. Wearing earrings has an accupuncture effect on the Body. In ancient China, earrings developed for health purpose rather then female embellishment purposes, stemming from the result of accupuncture of the ear.

The father of Western medicine, hippocrates, wrote about ear piercing and earring wearing around 470 BC. As a remedy and treatment for menstural problems. Ancient people treated disease feminine yin organs via earrings in left ear and disease of the male yang organs via the right ear.

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