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Park Daniel Premium Hair Removal Powder

About The Product

The all-new Park Daniel Hair removal Powder is an easy-to-use skincare product that provides an easy hair removal solution. This pain-free and risk-free herbal remedy is perfect for removing unwanted hair, especially from your arms and legs. You can also use it on your torso. Park Daniel Powder removes dead skin cells and gets rid of tanning as well. This is a heat-free waxing product that provides you with a risk-free and pain-free method to remove hair from your body, arms, and legs. Fit for all seasons, this powder is suitable for all skin types. Ingredient: Sandalwood Powder.

hair removal powder

What Makes it Special

  • The product has sandalwood powder as a key ingredient that is well known for skin benefits.
  • This is a one of a kind skin care solution that is fit for all body types and can be used on sensitive skin.
  • The ingredients of this product are thioglycolic acid and Thiolactic acid salts that are completely nontoxic and skin safe.
  • It is incredibly easy to use.

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Sandalwood Powder

How To Use?

  1. Take one tablespoon of the powder in a bowl.
  2. Add 2-3 tablespoons of water or rose water to the powder as per your preference. Mix until it becomes a thick homogeneous paste
  3. If the paste is runny, add more powder. If the paste is too thick, add water to achieve a pastelike consistency.
  4. With the back of a spoon or spatula, apply the paste to the area you want to remove hair from.
  5. Wait for around 45 minutes or until the paste becomes dry.
  6. Rinse that area with cold water and gently wipe with a clean towel.
  7. You may have to repeat the process for areas with dense hair growth or difficult areas

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Product Authenticity

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84 reviews for Park Daniel Premium Hair Removal Powder

    November 3, 2022
    Amazing product
    ajay narayan
    October 21, 2022
    Good to use..... Smell is a bit harsh but the product works very well.... Hair growth reduces after using this product continuously...... Easy to use and available at an affordable price.... 5 stars for the product
    October 18, 2022
    Best product for sensitive skin. It works well as a hair removal product
    gopal sharma
    October 15, 2022
    Easy to use. The only thing is that I got few boils in underarms after the use... Still observing the product.. this is my second purchase... Hair growth has significantly lessened
    Jk million
    October 13, 2022
    dinesh kumar
    October 13, 2022
    Very impressive results and very affordable.
    amit kumar
    October 1, 2022
    Easy to use and have great result
    babalu sen
    September 29, 2022
    I test it today. It's good. I was surprised.
    mohit @ himanshu
    September 19, 2022
    Remover proper hair from body
    Santosh Kumar
    September 14, 2022
    suresh kumar
    September 5, 2022
    Good but I don't like the smell
    Parambir Singh
    August 30, 2022
    Mamta Pahwa
    August 29, 2022
    mohit maan
    August 22, 2022
    No irritation! No burning sensation! Just go for it.
    veer bhan singh
    August 19, 2022
    It is very useful & easy to use... Very nice product
    Vinesh kumar
    August 4, 2022
    July 18, 2022
    The product was amazing, I used it the result was excellent
    July 13, 2022
    Highly recommended...very good product 👌
    July 11, 2022
    July 4, 2022
    Nice product ... Easy to use....
    June 28, 2022
    Very useful product for removing hair
    June 27, 2022
    Quality product
    rustam shah
    June 18, 2022
    It is so simple to use and i am writing this review so that others can trust this product.
    June 16, 2022
    Really a good product , I loved it
    Anoop Singh Advocate
    June 10, 2022
    May 30, 2022
    May 23, 2022
    Decent product for this price.
    May 19, 2022
    yuvraj sharma
    May 18, 2022
    rohit kumar
    April 27, 2022
    Overall it's good hairs are removing quite good in this price you won't get better else go to parlour and do waxing, it is safe and better.
    manish garg
    April 19, 2022
    Its very good. Works well
    dolly @ rekha w/o monto shah
    April 15, 2022
    Delivers what promises
    April 14, 2022
    I like the product its very easy to use
    Vijay jentibhai solanki
    April 13, 2022
    pankaj chand
    April 7, 2022
    Very good product. Must try.
    Rebecca Lamare
    April 4, 2022
    Hussain ali
    March 28, 2022
    March 27, 2022
    esrail khan
    March 26, 2022
    I purchase this product because of it is 100% natural. It is much simple to use and hair does take tym to groe back... After this skin feels so soft too, try it once 😊
    March 26, 2022
    Its a useful product
    March 22, 2022
    jatin @ sonu
    March 20, 2022
    Worthy product easy to use..this product quality very good worth for your money
    Aashben Shah
    March 16, 2022
    b vikjay kumar
    March 15, 2022
    Best product for sensitive skin. It works well as a hair removal product
    phoolwati @ phoolo devi
    March 13, 2022
    Seriously It works!
    Sanjay Jatav
    March 2, 2022
    February 26, 2022
    Ali husain
    February 23, 2022
    Shubham sharma
    February 20, 2022
    Amit Dewangan
    February 6, 2022
    Parkash Singh
    February 5, 2022
    Makhan Gujar
    February 5, 2022
    February 1, 2022
    jai singh
    January 24, 2022
    Smell is very bad
    January 23, 2022
    Effective working and hassle free process.
    January 20, 2022
    Amazing product it's work so good with my skin... Just feeling like waxing... Too good.
    January 16, 2022
    Yasmin Kaur
    January 9, 2022
    Sunil Yadav
    January 2, 2022
    amit kumar
    December 31, 2021
    Best product easy to use and good result
    nikhleshwar bhagat
    December 29, 2021
    Quantity is very less
    Laxman dattu Buktar
    December 28, 2021
    December 27, 2021
    ravindra kumar
    December 25, 2021
    It's smell is good
    R K Bhadoriya
    December 18, 2021
    Amol Shinde
    December 14, 2021
    December 13, 2021
    December 11, 2021
    The product is so good and has a hassle free process. Painless and Money saving product.
    Md Azizur
    December 2, 2021
    November 28, 2021
    Mahender Singh
    November 17, 2021
    uttam kumar @ sanki
    November 14, 2021
    It is a good product
    November 4, 2021
    Easy to use
    mohd. mukhtaar
    November 3, 2021
    I really like this product and this is my second purchase. Really good for hassle free hair removal
    Sandeep Kumar
    October 28, 2021
    October 10, 2021
    jai chand
    October 9, 2021
    Goli anuradha
    September 26, 2021
    September 25, 2021
    September 14, 2021
    September 6, 2021
    Joni Das
    August 30, 2021
    August 24, 2021
    Rahul Saini
    August 22, 2021

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