What Will You Get In This Trial Package Of Fresh Natural Wheat Grass

You will get 3 days Raw Material in this Trial Package. Raw Material will be packed in 3 diferent packages and will include following material:

  • 150gm x 3 Fresh Wheat Grass Leaves
  • 1 inch x 3 Aloevera Leaf
  • 1 inch x 3 Amarbel
  • 21 Tulsi Leaves
  • 21 Neem Leaves

Things Required to make wheat grass juice more effective

How to Make Wheat Grass Juice?

  • Open one packet on Day 1
  • Wash all the ingredients
  • Put them in Mixer Grinder
  • Add half cup water
  • Grind all material
  • Take out all the grinded material on a cotton cloth
  • Filter the juice using cloth
  • Add a bit of black salt as per taste
  • Juice is now ready to be consumed


Q1. What is the best time to drink wheat grass juice?
A1. Wheat grass juice should be consumed empty stomach early morning

Q2. Can I add Sugar in wheat grass juice?
A2. No, If you want to improve the taste of the juice add black salt

Q3. Can I eat anything after drinking Wheat grass juice?
A3. You can eat anything after 1 hours of drinking wheat grass juice

Q4. How much days should I drink wheat grass juice?
A4. Red blood cells in human body has a lifespan of 70-120 days, hence it is recommended to drink wheat grass juice continously for 120 days for better and effective results

Q5. I am feeling like vomitting after drinking wheat grass juice?
A5. Every human body might reacts differently after drinking wheat grass juice. It is recommended that one should start with half a cup and increase the capacity to one glass slowly slowly. If you vomits after drinking wheat grass juice there is no need to worry, Your body is having lot of toxins which are removed during this vomiting. So one should not afraid if you vomits after drinking wheat grass juice as it is one of the process of cleaning toxins from body

Q6. At what temperature can we store Raw Materials?
A6. As soon as you receive the parcel, it is advised to keep all the Raw material in Fridge

Q7. Can I make the juice and store it in Fridge?
A7. It is strictly advised to conusme the Juice within 3 hours of making it. If you make the juice at 7 AM in the morning you should consume it before 10 AM. The more time you keep the juice, the less it will be effective. Hence it is advised to consume the juice as soon as possible you made it

Q8. What Dosage should be taken for wheat grass juice?
A8. Once a day, Empty stomatch every early morning is recommended

Q9. Can I give wheat grass juice to new born babies?
A9. Yes, but the dosage should be limited to 1-2 spoons only

Benefits of Wheat Grass Juice

  • Wheat Grass Juice Purifies the blood.
  • Use Wheat Grass Juice for overcoming dandruff. Rub the juice into the scalp, rinse and shampoo.
  • Use Wheat Grass Juice for vaginal infection.

SP A0460

  • A small amount of Wheat Grass Juice in the human diet prevents tooth decay. Tooth decay is the result of other degenerative changes in the body.
  • Gargle with Wheat Grass Juice for toothaches and sore throat.
  • Pyorrhoea of the mouth-Take wheat grass, soaked in juice, laid it on deceased area, or chew Wheat Grass in mouth, splitting out the pulp.
  • Drink Wheat Grass Juice for skin trouble.
  • Wheat Grass Juice can be used as a steriliser.
  • Wheat Grass Juice keeps the hair from greying.
  • Use Wheat Grass Juice as a source of fresh vitamins.
  • Use Wheat Grass Juice as a protective and for healing of burns.
  • By taking Wheat Grass Juice, we will feel the difference in our strength, health, spirituality, endurance and well-being.
  • Wheat Grass Juice will help to build a clean bloodstream and aid in Proper digestion.
  • Wheat Grass Juice is an excellent mouthwash and draws out toxins from the gums and teeth.
  • Wheat Grass Juice is great for blood disorders of all kinds, including anaemia.

SP A0461

  • Wheat Grass Juice is an excellent skin cleanser and can be absorbed through the skin for nutrition. Pour green juice over yourself in a tub of warm water. Soak in Wheat Grass Juice for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse off with cold shower.
  • Wheat Grass implants or enemas are great for healing and detoxifying the colon walls. The implants also heal and clean the internal organs after an enema, follow with four or more ounces of Wheat Grass Juice and retain for 20 minutes, if possible.
  • Wheat Grass Juice is excellent in a case of constipation in keeping bowel movements active.
  • Wheat Grass Juice disinfects and cleans out bacteria.
  • Dr. Birscher, a research scientist, called chlorophyll-concentrated sun power. He said chlorophyll increases function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the uterus, the intestines and the lungs.
  • According to Dr. Birscher, nature uses chlorophyll as a body cleanser, rebuilder and neutralizer of toxins.
  • Wheat Grass Juice helps to reduce high blood pressure as the juice helps reduce toxins from the body and gives the blood iron which helps circulation.
  • Wheat Grass Juice can dissolve scars that are formed in the lungs from breathing acid gases. The effect of carbon monoxide is minimized since chlorophyll increases haemoglobin production.
  • Wheat Grass enhances the capillaries function.
  • Wheat Grass Juice is excellent for sex hormones.
  • Wheat Grass Juice neutralizes guanidine, which is a toxic substance released through trauma and burns which causes muscle fatigue, putrefaction, headaches and stomach ache.

SP A0463

  • Wheat Grass can overcome radiation, pollution and odours in your home.
  • Wheat Grass Juice makes harmful inorganic chemicals harmless. Fruits and vegetables contaminated by sprays can be cleansed with wheat grass placed in the rinse water.
  • Toxic metals, lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminium and excessive copper can be successfully lowered with small amount of Wheat Grass Juice, increased gradually.
  • Wheat Grass is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamins A and Vitamin C. It is also exceptionally rich in the B Vitamins. It is an excellent source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sodium, Sulphur, Cobalt, Zinc and Protein.
  • According to agricultural researcher Mr. Pfeiffer, If one dehydrates wheat grass, the Protein composition is 47.4% Dried Wheat Grass has 3 times higher protein concentration as that of beef.
  • Wheat Grass builds up the white blood cells through its cleansing energy than any drug and this prevents any disease provided that a diet of organically grown living food follows.

SP A0462

  • Chemically chlorophyll is similar to haemin found in Haemoglobin. The only difference is that in the nucleus of chlorophyll Magnesium is there, whereas in haemin, Iron is found. The content of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Nitrogen is same in both. The Magnesium found in Chlorophyll is present in more than 30 enzymes essential to the body. That is why Wheat Grass is termed as “Green Blood”.
  • Wheat Grass Juice helps in controlling obesity and reduces perspiration odour.
  • It is useful in Diabetes and control blood sugar.

गेहूँ के ज्वारे उगाने की विधि :

मिट्टी के नये खप्पर, कुंडे या सकोरे लें। उनमें खाद मिली मिट्टी लें। रासायनिक खाद का उपयोग बिलकुल न करें। पहले दिन कुंडे की सारी मिट्टी ढँक जाये इतने गेहूँ बोयें। पानी डालकर कुंडों को छाया में रखें। सूर्य की धूप कुंडों को अधिक या सीधी न लग पाये, इसका ध्यान न रखें।
इसी प्रकार दूसरे दिन दूसरे कुंडे या मिट्टी के खप्पर में गेहूँ बोयें और प्रतिदिन एक बढ़ाते हुए नौवें दिन नौवें कुंडे में गेहूँ बोयें। सभी कुंडों में प्रतिदिन पानी दें। नौवें दिन पहले कुंडे में उगे गेहूँ काटकर उपयोग में लें। खाली हो चुके कुंडे में फ़िर से गेहूँ उगा दें। इसी प्रकार दूसरे दिन दूसरा, तीसरे दिन तीसरा करते हुए चक्र चलाते जायें। इस प्रक्रिया में भूलकर भी प्लास्टिक के बर्तनों का उपयोग कदापि न करें।

प्रत्येक कुटुम्ब अपने लिये सदैव के उपयोगार्थ 10, 20, 30 अथवा इससे भी अधिक कुंडे रख सकता है। प्रतिदिन व्यक्ति के उपयोग अनुसार एक, दो या अधिक कुंडे में गेहूँ बोते रहें। मध्याह्र के सूर्य की सख्त धूप न लगे परन्तु प्रातः अथवा सायंकाल का मंद ताप लगे, ऐसे स्थान में कुंडों को रखें।

सामान्यतया आठ-दस दिन में गेहूँ के ज्वारे पाँच से सात इंच तक ऊँचे हो जायेंगे। ऐसे ज्वारों में अधिक से अधिक गुण होते हैं। ज्यों-ज्यों ज्वारे सात इंच से अधिक बड़े होते जायेंगे त्यों-त्यों उनके गुण कम होते जायेंगे। अतः उनका पूरा-पूरा लाभ लेने के लिये सात इंच से अधिक बड़े होते ही उनका उपयोग कर लेना चाहिए।

ज्वारों को मिट्टी के धरातल से कैंची द्वारा काट लें अथवा उन्हें समूल खींचकर उपयोग में ले सकते हैं। खाली हो चुके कुंडे में फ़िर से गेहूँ बो दिजिए। इस प्रकार प्रत्येक दिन गेहूँ बोना चालू रखें।

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    मेरा नाम अंकित बालमिकी है। मेरी उम्र 21 वर्ष है। मै झाँसी शहर का रहने वाला हूँ। मै एक वर्ष से काफ़ी बिमार था। मुझे अकसर बुखार बना रहता था। डॉक्टर के कई चक्कर काटे, पर कोई फ़ायदा नही मिला। डॉ. के कहने पर मैने अपने बल्ड की जाँच कराई, तब पता चला कि मेरे बल्ड मे प्लेटलैट्स की कमी है, और कहा कि प्लेटलैट्स बढाने के लिए कई इंजैकशन लगवाने पड़ेंगे, जिसमे एक की कीमत करीब 5,000 रू बताई। 1-2 बार तो मैने इंजैकशन लगवाया, लेकिन मेरे परिवार की आर्थिक स्थिति कमजोर होने के कारण मै और इलाज नही करवा पाया। डॉ. ने मुझे और डरा दिया, कि यदि इलाज पूरा ना करवाया तो स्थिति और गंभीर हो सकती है। मै तो हार मान चुका था, तभी मेरे एक मित्र ने मुझे बताया कि तुम गेहूँ के ज्वारे का रस का सेवन करो, इससे बल्ड बनेगा और प्लेटलैट्स भी बढेंग। लेकिन इसे उगाना और तैयार करना मेरे बस का नही था। कई लोगो से पूछताछ भी करी, कि शायद यह रस कही मिलता होगा, और कहते है ना कि ढूँढने से तो भगवान भी मिल जाते है। और एक दिन किसी ने मुझे बताया की सदर मे यह जूस कोई बनाता है। मैने अगले वहाँ गया और तब से इसका सेवन करने लगा। एक हफ़्ते बाद जब मैने बल्ड की जाँच कराई तो पाया कि जो प्लेटलैट्स पहले 20 हजार थे, वे अब 1 लाख से ज्यादा हो गये है। डॉ. भी रिपोर्ट देखकर चौंक गये। अब मै जब भी किसी की इस तरह की परेशानी देखता हूँ तो ज्वारे के रस के बारे मे बताता हूँ।
    March 5, 2021
    Helps in increasing my weight. Now my whole family is drinking wheat grass juice daily without any gap. It is really nice of you Ramesh uncle that you provide us such fresh juice at really affordable prices. Me and my family is blessed that we are in Jhansi and got this opportunity to visit your home and drink this juice daily. Bringing this online will help many people who are far away from Jhansi city...
    Pranav Ahuja
    February 18, 2021
    Started the trial package a month back, now I am a regular consumer of wheat grass juice, Although I am 29 years with no diseases by God grace. This is a great product to keep my immunity stronger and maintain my body.

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